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Organisation – Business Administration

Organisations increasingly dominate our lives in today’s modern society, as they have a significant influence on the way we work, interact, understand, and live our lives. We believe that it is imperative to conduct interpretive and critical research in order to contribute with up-close and in-depth interrogations of organisations, to challenge them and to change them for the better.

Our research is characterised by diverse interests in organisational phenomena such as leadership, identity, branding, change, creativity, craft, trust, night work, numbers, gamification, and knowledge work. We typically conduct our research in ways that challenge the mainstream and evoke new ways of seeing and understanding organising.

What unites us is an ambition to create meaningful research for and beyond the academic community by engaging in close collaborations with organisations, teams, and individuals – and by communicating our research in ways that reach and impact a broader audience.

– Associate Professor Sanne Frandsen, Assistant Head of Department

We aim to contribute to society with novel ideas, theoretical contributions, provocative thinking, and rich, in-depth studies. Our group is creative, productive, and well-integrated in international research networks.


Sanne Frandsen
Assistant head of department
Associate professor

Mats Alvesson

Stefan Sveningsson

Tony Huzzard
Professor emeritus