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Nominal and real effective exchange rates for Europe

The nominal and real effective exchange rates for Europe, 1870–2016, released in 2019, is a new database for 18-24 countries, depending on the period. A short note on the principles for construction is provided on the first sheet of the excel file, a more complete description and discussion can be found in Ljungberg, J. "Nominal and Real Effective Exchange Rates for Europe, 1870-2016. Some methodological issues", Lund Papers in Economic History, 200. Financial support from the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation is gratefully acknowledged.


The Complete Data Set


Jonas Ljungberg
Professor emeritus

jonas [dot] ljungberg [at] ekh [dot] lu [dot] se (jonas[dot]ljungberg[at]ekh[dot]lu[dot]se)
Phone: +46 46 222 08 36
Room: Alfa1:2101

Documentation and Publications

Ljungberg, J. (2022), Competitive devaluations in the 1930s: myth or reality?. Cliometrica, 1-39.

Ljungberg, Jonas (2019), Nominal and real effective exchange rates for Europe, 1870–2016. Some methodological issues. Lund Papers in Economic History, 2019:200.