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Core values

Equality, equal opportunities and diversity

Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM) is part of Lund University, and prides itself on sharing the University’s virtues and guiding principles. Lund University is part of a worldwide academic community and supports the core values agreed upon in the Magna Charta Universitatum.

The core values of Lund University

The strategic plan establishes the importance of autonomy and academic freedom. Universities are to be free of pressures from wider society, ensuring the freedom, integrity and quality of education and research.

LUSEM embodies the core values of the University. It is a confident, positive and relevant part of the academic community and a driving force in society. LUSEM is committed to inspirational education and lifelong learning, to partnerships with business and society, and to a student-centred perspective where students engage in continuous personal development and share the responsibility for the development of the School.

LUSEM strategic plan 2022–2025 (pdf)

The core values are also based on the laws that a Swedish public authority has to follow. Lund University and its constituent parts are required to safeguard democracy, legality, impartiality, freedom of opinion, respect for the equal value of all human beings and ensure efficiency and service. Gender equality and diversity are fundamental principles in every part of our organisation and are considered crucial for a university that should reflect society at large.

Mission, vision and values at LUSEM

The mission of LUSEM is to offer innovative, integrated, and varied education and research of high international standard in collaboration with external partners. A general objective of the faculty is to be socially relevant, proactive, a forefront educational institution, and a positive force for progress. By equipping students with a competitive, multi-faceted academic breadth and an understanding of the world around them, promising future prospects are provided; something affirmed by many alumni who often pursue successful careers. Therefore, making a difference and being more than a business school are important components of LUSEM’s vision. 

A more comprehensive explanation and detailed description of LUSEM's Mission, vision and values is given at LUSEM Staff Pages.

Mission, vision and values

For a better work and learning environment

The promotion of gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity is a prerequisite for achieving a better work and learning environment. By integrating the work on gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity as a natural part of daily work duties at the School of Economics and Management, an attractive workplace is created where everyone can thrive and develop by being given the same conditions for career opportunities, personal development and studies.

The faculty board has overall responsibility for gender equality and equal opportunities work at the School of Economics and Management. Meanwhile, The gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity council is to prepare matters within the area of gender equality, diversity and widening participation, as well as to inspire, encourage and spread knowledge about equal opportunities work. Following the priorities of Lund University, we specifically focus our work on: discrimination, equal opportunities, recruitment and promotion, leadership, salaries and terms of employment, and gender and intersectional perspectives in teaching.

Gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity council

Guide to dealing with discrimination, harassment and victimisation 2022 (pdf)