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About the Department of Statistics

Sign which says Department of Statistics

Welcome to the Department of Statistics at Lund University – home to the art and science of learning from data.

Our roots trace back to 1889 when Professor of Political Science and Statistics pioneered the statistical program, we proudly hold the distinction of being one of the oldest statistics departments globally. The program was formalized it into a regular subject in 1918, and, in 1929, it further evolved into the Department of Statistics, marking a significant milestone in our journey. 

Over the years, we have evolved into a hub for the traditional principles of statistics seamlessly blended with the cutting-edge methodologies of modern data science. 

At the Department of Statistics, our mission is three-fold: to impart knowledge in statistics and data science across all academic levels, to conduct research in the expansive realms of statistics and data science, and to serve the broader community, providing a valuable resource for updating their knowledge of statistical methods through collaboration. Our faculty, comprising around 20 dedicated individuals including staff, postdocs, and Ph.D.s, are dynamic and enthusiastic. They are recognized for their fervent application of statistical and data science techniques across diverse fields, from medicine and life sciences to engineering, artificial intelligence, economics, finance, and humanities. 

We offer comprehensive education programs, catering to bachelor and master students in statistics. Our Data Science education stands out, offering both one- and two-year master's degrees, ensuring our students are well-equipped for the challenges of the evolving data landscape. Our PhD program is designed to nurture the next generation of statistical leaders. 

Join us on this exciting journey where tradition meets innovation, and statistical insights shape the future