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Doctoral projects at the Department of Economic History

The Department of Economic History hosts a dynamic and diverse community of some 25 active doctoral students. They come from different backgrounds, and many have been recruited internationally. With singular exceptions, the doctoral students are recruited by different research projects at the department. While contributing to the overall research aims of the projects, they also develop their own independent agenda.

Below is a list of the active PhD students and the title of their ongoing PhD project. 

Johanne Arnfred: I fabrikernas skugga: hantverkarna under det industriella genombrottet

Fatima de Arriba Moreno: Migrant selection and labor market integration in Sweden and Denmark, c. 1985-2020

Isa Barraclough: Two centuries of family influence on the transmission of health and survival

Martin Bergvall: The emergence, spread and development of divorce in Sweden 1880-2010

John Brolin: Causes and consequences of the Little Ice Age energy transition, and other studies in environmental economic history

Marcos Castillo: From Sweden to America: Mass Migration in a Micro-level Perspective, 1880-1920

Hanne Clivemo: Manufacturing gender inequality

Benjamin Chatterton: Colonialism and the socio-economic impact of the indigenous people: The case of Cape Colony

Louise Cormack: Conditions in Early Life and Later Life Health and Economic Outcomes

Clara Dallaire-Fortier: Studies on the Effects of Mine Closures in Canada

Marcus Falk: A consumer revolution? Evidence from Sweden, ca. 1500–1860

Johanna Fink: The Greening of Swedish Energy Innovations

Nick Ford: Origins of the knowledge economy Higher education and Scandinavia’s economic development

Jakob Hannerz: Assessing socioeconomic impact of decentralized electrification in sub-Saharan Africa

Peter Holmström: Gender differences in Academic Survival and Achievements: The impact of child penalty, co-publishing, and collaboration early in career.

David Husfeldt: Innovation och företagens tillväxt

Jonathan Jayes: Like Moths to a Flame: labour market dynamics during the process of electrification in Sweden

Fredrik Kopsch: Housing markets, regulation and distribution of values

Jonas Kreutzer: Environmental Innovation — a Case Study of the Swedish Forest Industry since 1970

Gun Lauritson: Tore Lauritzson - Mannen som kom in med kylan

Valeria Lukkari: Income Inequality and Stratification in Colonial Kenya

Dominic Mealy: W(h)ither the State? The Marketisation of Public Services in Western Europe, 1970-2020

Nicolas Meffe: Geographic and Social disparities access to benefits of innovation through division of labour in mid nineteenth to mid twenteeth century USA

Markus Melles: Is Africa growing out of poverty? A comparative historical inquiry

Youssouf Merouani: Inventing while cooking dinner? Women’s work and patenting during the French industrialization

Kimberly Montanes Medina: 

Liuyan Shi: Tuberculosis and beyond: the intended and unintended effect of BCG vaccine on health and socioeconomic outcomes over the life course in 20th century Sweden

Vinicius de Souza Maia: Love thy neighbor: fertility and family formation in Landskrona, Sweden, 1904-2015

Anton Svensson: The conditions of the elderly before the welfare state – Stockholm 1500 to 1880

Linn Ternsjö: A Mauritian Miracle in the Rearview Mirror: Labour-intensive Industrialization for Sustainable Human Development

Rami Zalfou: Syrian Migration and Labor Market Outcomes at Home and Abroad

Liang Zhao: International capital flow and banking instability - A study of Swedish banking crises 1878-1939