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Spark* Lund

Empowering student entrepreneurs

Spark* Lund is a student-to-student coaching service at Lund University driven by active students from our Master's programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It empowers the students to pursue their entrepreneurial ideas by providing guidance and support through the first steps of their journey. Spark* Lund exemplifies the Centre’s commitment to practical, hands-on learning, where students apply their knowledge and experience from the Master's programme to foster entrepreneurship across the university. 

The concept of providing a free mentoring service to students at Spark* NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and a similar initiative at the Chalmers University of Technology (Spark* Chalmers) served as inspiration for Spark* Lund. Each year, students from our Master's Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation volunteer as coaches or business developers within Spark* Lund. They provide entrepreneurial coaching and mentorship to all Lund University students interested in developing and working on their business ideas.

Spark* Lund provides free entrepreneurial coaching and mentorship to all Lund University students interested in developing and working on their business ideas.

How it works

Once students identify a venture idea, they can initiate contact and schedule a meeting with a peer mentor. This mentor assists them in progressing their project to the next level and realising their vision. Support covers, among other things, verifying your idea, helping form a business model, developing an intellectual property strategy, and finding funding opportunities. Beyond these, Spark* Lund also aims to enrich students' entrepreneurial mindset and skills, connect them with key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem around Lund University, and introduce them to a network of like-minded individuals and resources.

Spark* Lund team

Every year, students from the M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme can volunteer to be coaches or business developers for Spark Lund. 

Spark team
Spark* Lund team 2023-2024

Meet Markus Becke Franco

Markus is a student in the Master's programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship. He serves as the head of external relations for the Spark* Lund team in 2023–2024. Marcus has a B.Sc. degree in Science of Sport and Nutrition and speaks several languages, which, among others, include English, Spanish, German, and Italian.   

Markus is the head of external relations for the Spark* Lund team in 2023-2024. 

Tell us a bit about yourself 

“Being the black sheep in my family, I really never wanted to go the usual path my parents had in mind for me. And this brought me to where I am, right here in Lund. I am always curious to find out what’s behind the wall, and I would definitely do anything to make it happen, even if the journey is dangerous. I have a passion for innovation, technology, and, of course, sports. Having a clear mind, being strategic, and being one step ahead are my strongest qualities. Opportunities are the uncharted pathways of growth, inviting us to explore the unknown, adapt to the evolving terrain, and leverage our potential to sculpt a future defined by our daring pursuit.”

What is the primary mission of Spark* Lund?

"Spark Lund's primary mission is to empower students to pursue their entrepreneurial ideas. We provide guidance and support to help students navigate the initial stages of their entrepreneurial journey. By opening doors to entrepreneurship, Spark* Lund enables every student to further explore their ideas and connect with the necessary resources and opportunities."

As you are involved in Spark* Lund, what areas does your coaching expertise cover?

"I offer expert guidance in building websites, e-commerce, supply chain management, AI/ML implementation in marketing, as well as sustainability and brand management." 

How can students stay informed about upcoming events and opportunities at Spark* Lund?

"Students can stay up-to-date with all things related to Spark* Lund by following our social media profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Through these platforms, Spark* Lund regularly plans fun events and provides updates on new opportunities, ensuring students have access to the latest information and resources."


Email: info [at] sparklund [dot] se (info[at]sparklund[dot]se)