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Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship – Mentors' Testimonials 

Discover what some of our mentors have to say about their experiences working with mentees. Their testimonials highlight the personal and reciprocal aspects of mentoring relationships, where mentors and mentees develop together as both parties actively collaborate in the process.

Magdalena Bibik

Magdalena Bibik, a senior business advisor, owner of the advisory agency Bibik, and Lund University alumnus, gives back as a mentor in our Master's Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In one of the episodes of Live with SKJCE, she shares how having good mentors helped her progress from point A to point B. Magdalena also discusses the rewards of being a mentor to Melissa Mae Cruz from the Class of 2023 and emphasises how participants can forge lifelong friendships and mentorship connections through our programme.

Interview with Magdalena Bibik, Mentor

Peter Hallworth

Peter Hallworth, an impassioned supporter of startups and entrepreneurs, is also another outstanding mentor in the Master's Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In this video, Peter highlights the pivotal role of mentoring in building invaluable networks and shares his remarkable journey as a mentor. He recounts his experiences guiding students and explores the unique dynamics of mentorship, all while dispelling the myth that mentors should serve as business advisors. 

"Mentors, don't give advice! It is great fun working with students. But you have to always remember! It's not about us mentors; it is about what the students need to work through the issues that they may find challenging."

Live With SKJCE: Interview with Peter Hallworth

Neal Greenspan

Neal Greenspan, a startup coach at Ideon Science Park and the founder of Pitch Ninja, is also one of our star mentors in the Master's Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In this exclusive video interview, Neal shares his experiences on the mentor-mentee journey in the programme, emphasising the transformative and evolving nature of the relationship with our students. He highlights the importance of collaboration and continuous learning for both parties involved. His testimonial underscores the relevance and long-lasting impact of our mentorship programme on nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs and fostering meaningful connections between mentors and mentees.

Interview with Neal Greenspan, Mentor

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