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Teaching, competing, judging


At LUSEM, we develop and adapt the case method to fit and work in different learning situations and objectives. Working with cases calls for a systematic approach. Case competitions offer a unique learning environment akin to intellectual sporting events, fostering growth and progress. At LUSEM, these competitions, organized in collaboration with LundaEkonomerna and partner organisations, provide valuable training opportunities for students, including participation in prestigious international competitions like the John Molson Case Competition.

Case-solving calls for analysis, team work and judgment and gives the students an opportunity to train decision making and solving of challenging questions. The students get the opportunity to put all their abilities to use in practice while sharing their knowledge and experience in an exciting and inspiring learning environment.


As in all types of competition, the training and coaching leading up to the actual competition is motivating. LUSEM case competition training activities for students have both general and more specialised formats and content. Above all, the student gets a solid grounding in case solving in a class format. At least once a year, an open seminar about competing with cases is arranged for all LUSEMs students, preparing them to excel in different case competition formats.


Case competitions rely on dedicated judges who generously share their expertise and knowledge. The judges play a significant role in evaluating the students' performances. As a judge, you have the chance to engage with enthusiastic students and fellow industry professionals, strengthening the bridge between academia and real-world business.

Serving as a judge at case competitions and training events enhances the symbiotic relationship between academia and society, particularly in the business domain. Judges are typically professionals with diverse backgrounds, including senior managers, consultants, and seasoned advisors, all contributing to the development and success of future business leaders.

Photo of people sitting in a lecture hall.
LUSEM students and their coach at a competition in Iceland in 2022. Photo: LUSEM
Photo of a smiling man holding a glass plate.
Mats Urde was awarded the J. Pierre Brunet Coach Award, also called Coach of the Year, at the John Molson Case Competition of 2024. Photo: Private

Case competitions

LUSEM participates in several case competitions every year. Next competition coming up is the Nordic Case Challenge 2024 in Tampere, March 18-22. 

Nordic Case Challenge 2024 website