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Bachelor's studies

Introduction course in Business Administration 1-30 ECTS
FEKA90 Introductory course in Business Administration (until Spring semester 2024)30 ECTSAutumn and SpringSWELiterature
FEKA10 Business Administration: Introductory Course (from Autumn semester 2024)30 ECTSAutumn and SpringSWELiterature
Intermediate courses in Business Administration 31-60 ECTS
FEKG11 Strategic Organizing6 ECTSAutumn and springENGLiterature
FEKG21 Strategic Marketing6 ECTSAutumn and SpringSWELiterature
FEKG51 Financial Planning and Analysis6 ECTSAutumn and SpringSWELiterature
FEKG61 Accounting and Finacial Alanysis6 ECTSAutumn and SpringSWELiterature
FEKG91 Method and Integration och Business Administration6 ECTSAutumn and SpringSWELiterature
Other intermediate courses in Business Administration 31-60 ECTS
FEKG25 Global Strategic Marketing7,5 ECTSAutumn/SpringENGLiterature
FEKG96 Re-imagining Money for a Sustainable Future7,5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
FEKL22 Entrepreneurial Skills1,5 hpAutumnENGLiterature
ENTA70 Entrepreneurship and Project Management15 ECTSAutumnSWELiterature
ENTA80 Social Innovation - a strategy for Sustainability7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
FEKE11 Seeing and Understanding Complexity and Uncertainty2,5 ECTSAutumn and SpringENGArticles
FEKE12 Thinking and Acting under Complexity and Uncertainty2,5 ECTSAutumn and SpringENGArticles
FEKE13 Thinking and Acting Strategically under Complexity and Uncertainty2,5 ECTSAutumn and springENGLiterature
FEKE14 Leadership in Complex and Uncertain Environments2,5 ECTSAutumn and SpringENGLiterature
FEKE15 Leading Change in Complex and Uncertain Environments2,5 ECTSAutumn and SpringENGLiterature
FEKE16 Organizing for Complexity2,5 ECTSAutumn and SpringENGLiterature
FEKE31 Responsible Internationalization - Organisazation Leadership in a Complex Global Environment3 ECTSAutumn and SpringENGLiterature
Bachelor courses 61-75 ECTS
FEKH20 Marketing Management - Bachelor Course15 ECTSAutumn and SpringSWELiterature
FEKH31 Bachelor Course in Business and Data Analytics15 ECTSAutumnSWELiterature
FEKH45 Managing and Developing Organizations7,5 ECTSAutumn and SpringENGLiterature
FEKH46 Leadership and Change Management7,5 ECTSAutumn and SpringENGLiterature
FEKH65 Accounting Theory and Method7,5 ECTSAutumn and SpringSWELiterature
FEKH66 Accounting for Business Combinations7,5 hpAutumn and SpringSWELiterature
FEKH80 Theory of Corporate Finance - Bachelor Course15 ECTSAutumn and SpringSWELiterature
FEKH91 Entrepreneurship7,5 ECTSAutumn and SpringENGLiterature
FEKH92 Innovation Management7,5 ECTSAutumn and SpringENGLiterature
Bachelor Degree Project 76-90 ECTS, only available in course packages
FEKH29 Bachelor Degree Project in Marketing15 ECTSAutumn/SpringSWELiterature
FEKH38 Bachelor degree Project in Business Analytics15 ECTSAutumnSWELiterature
FEKH49 Bachelor Degree Project in Organization15 ECTSAutumn and SpringSWELiterature
FEKH69 Bachelor Degree Project in Accounting15 ECTSAutumn and SpringSWELiterature
FEKH89 Bachelor Degree Project in Finanacial Management15 ECTSAutumn and SpringSWELiterature
FEKH99 Bachelor Degree Projectin Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management15 ECTSAutumn and SpringSWELiterature
Other courses at Bachelor level 61-90 ECTS
FEKH13 Project Management7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
FEKH15 Global Business Responsibility7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
FEKH21 International Business and multinational enterprises7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
FEKH23 Brands and Branding in a Dynamic World7,5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
FEKH61 Management Control7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
FEKH81 Corporate Finance7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
Courses only available within the Bachelor programme in Business and Economics (Ekonomie kandidatprogrammet)
FEKG01 Honours Track20 ECTSAutumnSWELiterature
FEKH01 Traineeship15 ECTSAutumn/SpringSWELiterature
FEKH04 International Traineeship30 ECTSAutumn/SpringSWELiterature
Courses only available within the Bachelor programme in International Business
IBUA10 Introduction to International Business5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
IBUA21 International Marketing7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
IBUA51 Intercultural competence5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
IBUA61 Financial Accounting7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
IBUA41 Organization and Leadership5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
IBUA62 Management Control Systems5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
IBUG11 Cross-cultural Teams & Project Management5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
IBUG41 Business Ethics and Sustainability5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
IBUG81 Corporate Finance7,5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
IBUG91 Innovation and Entrepreneurship7,5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
IBUG99 Research Methods for International Business5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
IBUH11 Knowledge Frontiers in International Business7,5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
IBUH12 International Business Strategy7,5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
IBUH19 Degree project in International Business15 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
IBUH01 Traineeship15 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
IBUH03 Tranieeship30 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature