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CED - Research Environment: Socioeconomic Segregation

New VR research environment at Centre for Economic Demography on "Socioeconomic Segregation - The Impact of Neighborhoods, Schools and Policy Across the Life Course"

In this research environment we study how socioeconomic segregation shapes individual life chances across the life course and examine strategies to counteract the negative impact of segregation. More specifically we focus on:

(1) How the socioeconomic characteristics of schools and neighborhoods influence economic outcomes throughout the life course 
(2) How residential segregation persists across generations
(3) The efficacy of different interventions and policies to counteract the negative effects of segregation

The research is based on geocoded register data for Sweden and Denmark from 1970-2022 and linked historical data for Sweden from censuses and regional population registers for the period 1900-1970.

The environment is based at the Centre for Economic Demography and includes economists, demographers, and economic historians. It is funded by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) for the period 2024-2029.


People involved in the research environment are:

LU researchers

Martin Dribe (PI)

Gabriel Brea-Martinez
Martin Fischer
Gawain Heckley
Finn Hedefalk
Jonas Helgertz
Petter Lundborg
Therese Nilsson
Martin Nordin
Anna Tegunimataka
Petra Thiemann

LU PhD students

Seyedehnegar Khaliliaraghi 

Vinicious de Souza Maia
Fátima de Arriba Moreno

Vetenskapsrådet about the grant Socioekonomisk segregation – Betydelsen av grannskap, skolor och policy över livscykeln (in swedish) –


Martin Dribe
Professor of Economic History
Director, Centre for Economic Demography

Profile in the Research Portal

More about the project

The project “Socioeconomic Segregation – the Significance of Neighborhoods, Schools, and Policies across the Lifecycle” is funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR) with 18 million SEK between 1 December 2023, and 30 November 30 2029.

The project leader is Martin Dribe. Project members: Finn Hedefalk, Petter Lundborg, Therese Nilsson, Martin Nordin, Anna Tegunimataka, Jonas Helgertz, Gawain Heckley, and Martin Fischer.

The project in the Swecris database (in swedish) –