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Governance and organisation

Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM)

The organisational structure of the School is designed to deliver a decision-making structure that equips the School to reach its mission and strategic goals.

Organisation – departments and divisions

The School is organised into a number of departments, research centres and professional services.

Organisation – departments and divisions at LUSEM


Management Team

The Management Team of the School consists of the Dean, the Deputy Dean, Associate Vice Deans and the Head of Dean’s Office. The Dean is responsible for the School's strategy (including its implementation) and the School's relationship with the society and business community. The Dean also has the formal responsibility for staffing, financial administration, infrastructure etc.

The Management Team is advised and supported by the Senior Management Council, composed of Heads of departments and research centres.

Management team

Faculty Board (Fakultetsstyrelsen)

The Faculty Board has overall responsibility for the mission and vision, long-term strategy, funding and allocation of resources, recruitment and staffing, educational portfolio, quality of teaching, and research issues. Within the budget, the School has autonomy to decide on its organisational structure, educational portfolio, recruitment, staffing, and outreach activities.


Lena Henningsson, CEO StableTable Scandinavia AB


Andreas Inghammar, Deputy Dean, Associate professor
Anna Glenngård, Associate professor, Department of Business administration
Anna Marciniak, Administrative manager, Department of Economics
Anna Tegunimataka, Associate professor, Department of Economic history
Anneli Carlsson, Lecturer, Department of Business Law
Annika Winsth, Chief Economist, Nordea
Emelie Theobald, doctoral student, EDR
Erik Green, Associate professor, Department of Economic history
Jens Rennstam, Associate professor, Department of Business administration
Joakim Gullstrand, Dean, professor
Jonas Wallin, Associate professor, Department of Statistics
Maria Gårdängen, Senior lecturer, Department of Business administration
Nicklas Holmberg, Senior lecturer, Department of Informatics
Richard Gullstrand, Deputy Director of Development, Region Skåne
Saga Mossberg, student representative
Simon Anderberg, student representative

Secretary of the board

Margareta Dackehag, Quality assurance coordinator, Dean's office


Agneta SanMartin, SACO-S
Alf Rosenbäck, Head of Dean's office
Göran Anderson, ST/S
Sara Novakov, Head of Finance

Education Council (Utbildningskollegiet)

The Education Council (Utbildningskollegiet, UK) develops and monitors the education at undergraduate and Master’s level at the School. The Education Council is also involved in quality assurance and quality development connected to LUSEM’s accreditations. 

The members of the council are the directors of studies at LUSEM’s academic departments, the programme directors of the undergradatuate programmes at the School as well as the Academic Skills Services. The student union Lundaekonomerna is also represented. The council is led by the Associate vice-dean, with special responsibility of education.


Ulrika Wennersten, Senior lecturer, Vice dean education, LUSEM

Board members

Directors of Studies
Caroline Hellström, Department of Business Administration
Anneli Carlsson, Department of Business Law
Tobias Axelsson, Department of Economic History
Pontus Hansson, Department of Economics
Björn Svensson, Department of Informatics
Jakob Bergman, Department of Statistics

Programme Directors
Monika Müller, BSc International Business
Hans Knutsson, Ekonomie kandidatprogrammet
Björn Svensson, Systemvetenskapliga kandidatprogrammet
Jaco Zuijderduijn, BSc Economy and Society

Academic Skills Services
Hanna Glad

Administrative routines and programme curricula
Linda Öberg

International office
Ulrika Qvist Mathiesen

Hugo Gemzell
Saga Mossberg

LUSEM Library
Daniel Gunnarsson

Quality assurance work
Margareta Dackehag 

Student communication
Linnea Mörth

Digital Learning Coordinator
Karin Bergman

Senior Corporate Advisory Board (Rådgivande kommittén)

The Senior Corporate Advisory Board (Rådgivande kommittén) provides LUSEM with input from society and from the business sector at large. Most of the members are CEO’s or former CEO’s with vast international experience. Many of the members also represent companies that are involved in the LUSEM Corporate Partnership Foundation.

The Senior Corporate Advisory Board meets twice a year and discusses and provides input on strategically important issues.


Lars Ljungälv, Chair of the board

  • John Abrahamson
  • Eva Carlsvi
  • Anders Dahlvig
  • Jens Henriksson
  • Pia Kinhult
  • Kerstin Lindell
  • Jenny Lindén Urnes
  • Ebba Ljungerud
  • Stephan Müchler
  • Peter Nilsson
  • Dan Olofsson
  • Jan Sturesson
  • Johan Torgeby
  • Håkan Winberg

Honorary members

  • Fredrik Arp
  • Lennart Nilsson
  • Jan Söderberg

About Lund University

Lund University is a public authority in Sweden and as such the University is responsible to the Ministry of Education and Research. The University is funded from both government money and funding raised elsewhere.

The University Board is the University's highest decision-making body. The Board comprises the Vice-Chancellor, representatives of the core faculty and students, and representatives of the community and the business sector.

The University is divided into nine faculties. The faculties are led by faculty boards, which have overall responsibility for the activities in the faculties.

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