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Master's studies

Master Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
ENTN01 The Entrepreneurial Process and Opportunity Recognition7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
ENTN07 Value Creation7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
ENTN10 Business Model Development5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
ENTN15 Entrepreneurial Leadership5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
ENTN16 Entrepreneurial Finance5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
ENTN08 Entrepreneurial Project15 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
ENTN19 Degree Project New Venture Creation15 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
Master in Management
MGTO38 Functions of Management15 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
MGTO51 Learning, Innovation and Change5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
MGTO61 Understanding Management5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
MGTN71 Leading Individuals and Groups5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
MGTO26 Digital and Global Challenges5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
MGTO52 Managing Innovation and Change Processes5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
MGTO12 Strategic Thinking and Acting in a Global World5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
MGTN59 Degree Project - Management Challenges15 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
Master programme in International Marketing and Brand Management
BUSN20 International Marketing and Strategy7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSN21 Strategic Brand Manangement7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSP36 Multichannel Marketing, Retail and Internationalization7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSO30 Consumer Culture Theory and Consumer Insights7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUS031 Consumer Insight to Innovation7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSN33 The Value of Brands in a Consuption Society7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSP35 Sustainability and Marketing Ethics7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSO38 Digital Marketing7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSN26 Understanding Consumption5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
BUSN35 Corporate Brand Management and Reputation5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
BUSO24 Market Intelligence5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
BUSR31 Qualitative Research Methods5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
BUSP37 Research Strategy5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
BUSN39 Degree project in Global Marketing15 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
Master Programme in Managing People, Knowledge and Change
BUSN40 Knowledge Work and Organization7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSN41 Organization Development7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSN43 Corporate Social Responsibility7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSN44 Strategic Human Resourse Management7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSO48 Managing Creativity and Innovation7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSN46 Research Methods7,5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
BUSN47 Leadership7,5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
BUSN49 Degree Project in Manageging People, Knowledge and Change15 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
Master Programme in Accounting and Finance
BUSO77 Strategic Managemnet Accounting amd Contol5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSO78 Financial Accounting and Risk Management5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSO87 Strategic Corporate Finance5 ECTSAutumnENGLIterature
BUSN76 Performance Measurement and Management7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSO94 Corporate Finance5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSO83 Strategic Investment Decisions7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSO97 Corporate Valuation5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSO99 Credit Financing Tactics7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSO81 Equity Financing and Givernance7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSO67 Digital Accounting5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
BUSO62 Innovation and Management Control5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
BUSO84 Coprorate Restructurings5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
BUSO85 Corporate Risk Management5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
BUSO91 Empirical Corporate Finance5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
BUSO73 Financial Accounting and Communication5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
BUSN79 Degree Project in Accounting and Finance15 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
Master Programme in International Strategic Management 
BUSN10 Corporate Governance in Theory and Practice7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSN11 Strategic Management7,5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSO14 Global Business and Sustanability5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSO18 Re-Imagining Capitalism5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSN17 Innovation Management5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSO66 Strategic Performance Measurement  and Management5 ECTSAutumnENGLiterature
BUSO01 Strategic Management and Digitalization5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
BUSO12 Strategic Thinking and Acting in a Complex World5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
BUSN03 Research Methods5 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
BUSN09 Degree Project in International Strategic Management15 ECTSSpringENGLiterature
MGTV01 Traineeship15 ECTSSummer, Spring, AutumnENGLiterature
MGTV03 Traineeship30 ECTSSpring and AutumnENGLiterature
BUSV01 Traineeship15 ECTSSpring, summer and AutumnENGLiterature
BUSV03 Traineeship30 ECTSSpring and AutumnENGLiterature