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Career and labour market after studies in informatics

Our high-quality education opens doors to both working life and postgraduate studies. As the demand for information systems specialists is high, most of our students have been offered exciting jobs even before they graduate.

I would say that the Department of Informatics prepared me extremely well for my career as a consultant. [...] It is important to be adaptable and have the ability to learn new technologies and processes. The Bachelor's Programme in Design of Information Systems is not exactly a programme that makes you an expert in a specific technological field, rather you learn the basics of a wide range of IT and business areas.

– Daniel Tomic Lindvall, alumn from the Bachelor's programme in design of information systems

Career with a bachelor's degree in information systems


As I grew professionally, I gradually saw many interesting topics that I studied during my master's program surfacing and me getting "ah! I know that!" moments. Those moments, have helped me solve critical business problems and above all provided me with a good background so I can communicate those solutions efficiently.

Konstantinos Mertzianis, alumn from the Masters programme in information systems

Prepare to apply for many different roles and companies, don’t wait until you are finished with your studies, make a list of places you would like to work and start applying right away. Many of my classmates, myself included, have gotten a job offer before we even graduated.

– Stefany Firera Colmanares, alumna from the Masters programme in information systems

Career with a master's degree in information systems