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Doctoral studies at the Department of Statistics

Teacher showing slides in front of students

Pursuing a doctoral degree in statistics presents an opportunity to gain comprehensive expertise and engage in research on modern and advanced methods of statistical analysis.

This academic journey is characterized by personalized mentorship from distinguished scholars, ensuring a tailored educational experience. The curriculum frequently involves collaborative efforts with other departments within Lund University or with external institutions across Sweden. Students typically enjoy full financial support over the entire period of studies and employment benefits in alignment with their faculty peers. Culminating in a Ph.D. degree, the program usually spans four years of full-time study. However, it often includes teaching assignments that may extend the duration to a maximum of five years. For additional information on the program, interested individuals are encouraged to consult the Ph.D. study plan. To ensure proper financing of the positions, recruitment of new Ph.D. students is only through an announcement of a Ph.D. position at LU vacancies website and the Departmental webpages. 


Study Director PhD Studies
Jonas Wallin