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Research and collaboration at the Department of Informatics

Our research 

The research at the department focuses broadly on digital transformation and includes both the process of this transformation and its impact on users and society. Some of the specific topics of research are: decision automation and decision support systems, green and sustainable information systems and smart cities, artificial intelligence and human-AI hybrids, information security and privacy, the sharing economy, mobile solutions, eGovernment, online learning, implications and design of IT in healthcare, and both the instrumental and humanistic outcomes resulting from global IT work.

The research is open and inclusive and builds on relevance, internationalisation and collaboration.

Our research in informatics

Our research in the Research portal 

Research strategy

Our research strategy was created by the researchers at the department and it plays an important role in the development of our research.

The research strategy sets to describe information systems as a research discipline in general, but also specifically at the Department of Informatics. It details our mission, values, and aspirations within our research. Furthermore it expresses how we can achieve those aspirations and outlines the expectations for our members of staff.

Our research strategy (PDF, 301kB)


The Department of Informatics is the principal department for one of the country's largest and most popular programs in the field of systems development. We work daily to make a difference through our collaboration with the surrounding community. We are convinced that a close connection between academia and the business world, as well as strong ties to the surrounding community, is crucial for shaping a better future.

How we conduct our outreach:

Research and Innovation: Our researchers work closely with companies and public agencies to address problems and develop innovative solutions. We promote technological development and support corporate strategies by serving as a knowledge resource.

Internships and Industry Collaboration: We offer our students opportunities for internships, industry projects, and collaborations with businesses. Company-based internships are an integral part of the department's undergraduate education, and at the master's level, guest lecturers from the industry are a regular feature. This provides students with valuable work experience and helps companies identify and recruit the best talents.

Community Engagement: Through collaborative projects and events, we actively participate in societal issues. We work together with local and national stakeholders to address challenges related to health, sustainability, equality, and secure community development.

Contact us or one of our staff members to learn more about our work and how you and your organization can get involved in our efforts towards a better and more innovative present

Management and IT (MIT) Research School

The department is associated with the national Swedish Research School of Management and IT. The PhD education is given in collaboration with MIT, which provides the PhD students with a community of fellow PhD students and senior researchers.

MIT's website –

The Swedish Information Systems Academy (SISA)

The department is a member of the Swedish Information Systems Academy (SISA). The association's purpose is to contribute to coordinating and drawing attention to research and education in the subject area called informatics, or information systems, in Sweden.

SISA's website – (in Swedish)

Decision Management Notation (DMN) On-Ramp Review Group

Researchers at the department are members of Decision Management Notation (DMN) On-Ramp Review Group. DMN's mission is to improve the practice and adoption of decision automation within organisations.

DMN's website –

This year's project companies

During the sixth semester of the Bachelor's Programme in Design of Information Systems, students carry out real-life projects for 10 weeks on behalf of companies and organisations.

Participating companies during the Spring term 2024:

  • Axis Communications
  • BorgWarner
  • Donne
  • Duni AB
  • Electricity Time Series Analysis
  • Kunskapspartner AB
  • Landskrona stad
  • Myjoju
  • Omegapoint Group AB
  • Opticon
  • Pampas store
  • Peab AB
  • Prodikt
  • Python AI Cookbook
  • Spago
  • Tetra Pak
  • TGN
  • V2G