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About the Department of Business Law

The Department of Business Law in Lund is the biggest in Sweden for business law research, education and collaboration with the surrounding society.

Today the society faces major challenges in terms of sustainable development, climate and environment, digitalisation, migration and urbanisation. In courses in Business Law, the rules are put into an economic perspective and you learn to work with rules as strategic instruments, i.e. to achieve various desirable solutions. This way of working with rules is usually called "Law and Management".

Legal knowledge is today not something that only lawyers need. On the contrary, everyone with responsibility in the business community must be able to handle rules and be able to negotiate and put forward arguments based on the legal framework that surrounds the business the company is engaged in.

Whether you work as a CEO, personnel manager, accountant, international negotiator, municipal planner, as a self-employed person or in the media or healthcare sector, you must also be able to handle rules in a strategic and competent manner and identify legal questions which should be put to people with specialist knowledge. You learn this in courses in Business law.

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