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Study Business Law

Legal rules are everywhere and permeate basically all activities. Business law covers the law of economic life and our courses are offered to anyone who needs to understand and use this regulatory framework, with a focus on the parts of the law that are important to companies and organisations.

We offer a one-year Master's Programme in International and European Trade and Tax Law, as well as many freestanding courses for students pursuing a Bachelor´s Degree in Business Law. Business law is also included in several educational programmes either as a compulsory or an optional subject. Several free-standing courses are also open to exchange students.

Are you curious about how relationships between individuals, groups, companies and organisations are regulated? Between companies and employees? Between the company and other stakeholders? How to solve legal problems? Then you should study Business law! Through our courses, you learn how to analyse the legal consequences of different course of action and use the law as a strategic tool in your professional role.

Business law is an area which is particularly suitable for you who are analytical and problem-solving oriented. A great interest in societal issues and business life in general is a good basis for studying Business law. You need to be able to express yourself well in writing and be prepared to spend a lot of time reading course literature. In seminars and written assignments, you practice in analysing legal problems and proposing solutions based on the applicable law, case law and legal literature. You often work in groups with other students and are trained in your ability to work with practical problems with law (case based learning) . You will benefit from and enjoy these obtained competences in your working life, whether you will work in a company, in the public sector or start your own business.

Master's Programme in European and International Trade and Tax Law

Trade conditions and taxes are at the heart of many business decisions. In a world where trade is global, knowledge of only domestic rules is inadequate. With our Master’s in European and International Trade and Tax Law you will be able to help businesses and institutions operate in a worldwide context with the European Union’s legal framework in focus.

MSc European and International Trade and Tax Law

Freestanding courses 

The Department of Business Law offers several freestanding courses at first, second and third cycle. Most courses are given in Swedish on campus in Lund. 

To obtain a Degree of Bachelor of Science with a major In Business Law, students must complete 180 credits, of which 90 credits in Business Law including a Bachelor´s Thesis – and 90 credits of optional courses. 

Freestanding courses (in Swedish) 

English tutored courses in Business Law

Professional profile

Studies in Business law provide a good professional basis for various tasks that require both economic and legal knowledge.

Whether you work as a CEO, personnel manager, accountant, municipal administrator, as a self-employed person or in the media or healthcare sector, you must also be able to handle rules in a strategic and competent manner and identify legal questions which should be put to people with specialist knowledge. You learn this in courses in Business law.

Business law

Academic advisor
Sofia Rosendahl
studievagledare [at] har [dot] lu [dot] se (studievagledare[at]har[dot]lu[dot]se)