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LUCRIS - research information system

LUCRIS is Lund University’s research information system. The purpose is primarily to enable the registration of research information to compile the collective research of individual researchers, research teams and Lund University as a whole. The information is presented externally via the Lund University research portal.

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Register and present your research

LUSEM requirements


Register and present your research

Your research output, such as different types of research publications, should be registered in LUCRIS. You can also register and highlight projects, collaborations and other research-related activities. Within LUCRIS, you can create links and relations between different information objects in the system. For example, you can connect publications to projects, which in turn can be connected to contracts. You can highlight contributions you have published after a conference in relation to the keynote lecture you gave at the conference. And of course, the more relations you create, the higher the visibility of your research outputs.

You find manuals and filmed instructions on the LUCRIS webpage on Lund University Staff pages in the link below.

LUCRIS – research information system on Lund University Staff pages

The library at Lund University School of Economics and Management is automatically notified when you enter a new publication and is ultimately responsible for controlling and validating your registrations in the system. You are also able to import publications yourself from a selection of databases.

The system enables automatic retrieval of data for display on other websites. For example, publications entered in LUCRIS are retrieved by Google Scholar. 

LUSEM requirements

Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM) has a minimum standard for what needs to be included in your personal profile in LUCRIS. You find a guide below covering the information that LUSEM’s Management Team requires researchers to register.

LUCRIS at LUSEM- quick guide_2.pdf 


ORCID is an international researcher ID used by many publishers and funders, that provides a persistent digital identifier. You can connect your ORCID iD with your affiliations, publications etc. to ensure you get recognition for all your contributions, and to reduce the risk of errors. For you, as a researcher, it is an easy way to make sure that your outcome is attributed to you and not anyone else´s with the same or a similar name.

Lund University is a member of the ORCID consortium and offers you as a researcher to connect your ORCID to your LU account (LUCAT). If you do so, your ORCID is imported from LUCAT to LUCRIS and becomes visible in your personal public page at LU´s Research Portal. You can then choose to export information from LUCRIS to your ORCID profile. This means that you do not have to manually update your ORCID profile with new publications as long as you add them to LUCRIS. The connection is something that you as a researcher switch on; it is optional, but recommended. The use of ORCID in all parts of the publication process has a positive impact on Lund University's position in international rankings.

Read more and register on the ORCID webpage

ORCID and how you can connect the systems at Lund University Staff Pages