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Sharpen your Statement of Purpose and CV

We have gathered the best tips and tricks for writing a Statement of Purpose and a CV when applying to a Master's programme.

Tips for the Statement of Purpose

Use the templates

How to answer the pre-set questions

In the pre-set questions, you are expected to elaborate, describe and reflect. Following directions is a way of showing that you are accurate and reliable. Answer the pre-set questions and do not write longer than the character limit.

Highlight in what way you would be an asset to this programme. Show that you are;

  • Very interested in the subject
  • Well prepared academically and personally
  • Able to assume the challenges that the Master's programme implies
  • Able to work with teachers and students
  • Willing to become a potentially excellent representative (alumn) for your Master's degree in your future career.

Focus on motivation, competence and potential. We want to know who you are, your professional strengths and your academic interests. Be future focused, but give examples from your past that relates well to the programme. Try to keep a common thread between your interests, your chosen MSc programme and your career plans. Make sure your examples are relevant and has a purpose. Keep a positive tone and use an active language.

Don't forget to proof read!

Your Statement of Purpose is also a work sample, so put a lot of effort into this to showcase your language skills.

Upload your Statement of Purpose

Upload the the documents to University Admissions in Sweden.

Submitting your documents –

Tips for the CV

We request that you submit a CV as an addition to your Statement of Purpose in order for us to make an overall assessment of your application. The CV should be seen as a way for us to put your answers in the Statement of Purpose into context and better understand your experiences.


There is no specific format requirement or template for the CV. Keep a formal layout, no longer than 2 pages. The person who may look at your CV is the programme director and/or the programme coordinator (it varies per programme). You do not need to add a profile photo. The CV should be easy to read, easy to follow and have a clear structure. Use reversed chronological order, meaning your most recent accomplishments are at the top of your CV and your least are down below.


Focus on your academic achievements and experiences. Don’t forget internships, voluntary work and extra curriculars. It is a good idea to highlight your professional interests in a profile or summary in the top of the CV. Be as clear and descriptive as you can, don't assume that the reader know the same things that you do.

Uploading instructions 

Upload the the documents to University Admissions in Sweden.

Submitting your documents –



What language do you want the supporting documents in?
English, for international as well as Swedish applicants.

Can I delete documents uploaded to University Admissions in Sweden?
Unfortunately, you cannot. According to Swedish law, once a document has been received, it's an officially registered document and cannot be deleted. You may however upload a new version. We will always look at the latest version when viewing your supporting documents. If you're concerned that you've uploaded an incorrect document, you can always upload the corrected one. Name it something that indicates it's an updated version of the previous document. For example, if you named your first document 'LundCV', name the updated document 'LundCV(2)' or 'LundCVupdated'.

Can I see my uploaded documents on University Admissions in Sweden?
Unfortunately, do not currently have the capability on to display uploaded documents. The best thing is to be sure the documents you're uploading – especially things like essays and letters of intent - are your final versions. Just as you would do if you were sending in them by regular post.

Technical problems with the Statement of Purpose template?

You download the template as a PDF document. If you encounter problems with your application, please contact the programme coordinator.