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About doctoral courses at the Department of Informatics

Are our doctoral courses for you? Here you can read doctoral students' own experiences of our courses and find advice for those interested in applying.

Darmin Poturovic about the course Design Science Research in Information Systems (EIN002F)

Portrait of Darmin Poturovic
Darmin Poturovic.

Doctoral student Darmin Poturovic, from University West, took the course Design Science Research in Information Systems at the Department of Informatics during Spring 2024. We asked him to share some thoughts about the course. 

Why did you choose the course Design Science Research in Information Systems at the Department of Informatics, Lund University?

“I chose the Design Science Research (DSR) course at Lund University's Department of Informatics because my doctoral thesis specifically employs Action Design Research (ADR), a subset of DSR. This course offered a unique opportunity to deepen my understanding and enhance my proficiency in this specialized field, aligning perfectly with my academic and research objectives.”

What are the most interesting aspects of the course?

“The chance to learn directly from some of the top minds in Design Science Research has been incredibly enriching. The seminars are nothing short of inspiring, pushing me to think in new ways and improve continuously.”

How has the course helped and challenged you in your PhD journey?

“The course has offered me great opportunities to debate and discuss with other doctoral students, each of us bringing our unique projects and perspectives to the table. Tackling new questions and exchanging feedback have really broadened my understanding of DSR and challenged me to think more critically about my own work.”

What advice would you give to someone interested in applying for a doctoral course at the Department of Informatics, Lund University?

“Dive into every reading suggested and make the most of every seminar. The real magic happens when you actively engage with the experts and your peers. Try to attend the classes physically in LUND as often as possible and seek opportunities to meet and collaborate with noted researchers such as Amir Haj-Bolouri, Osama Mansour, Matti Rossi, and so on. Their insights are invaluable for anyone serious about a career in informatics.”