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Doctoral studies

Doctoral programmes (PhD programmes) are offered by all six departments at the Lund University School of Economics and Management. It is often given in collaboration with other parts of Lund University or with other institutions in Sweden.

The doctoral degree is the highest academic degree. The Swedish doctoral degree comprises 240 credits and the doctoral programme normally takes four years of full-time study.

The programmes differ somewhat between disciplines, but in all cases they consist of at least one year of course work and at least two years spent writing the doctoral thesis. The thesis can be produced in the form of a monograph or in the form of a number of articles published during the doctoral programme, a so-called compilation thesis. The thesis is defended at a public defence where an opponent reviews and opposes the thesis. An examining committee consisting of at least three people grade the thesis.

You also have the option of obtaining a licentiate degree after 120 credits. Such a degree can either conclude a programme or be awarded when you are halfway to a doctoral degree. The thesis is then called a licentiate thesis and is presented and examined at a seminar.

After graduation many doctors pursue academic careers while others obtain positions within business or public administration.

At present, the School of Economics and Management has about 100 admitted doctoral students and around 20 doctoral theses are produced each year.

Regulations for third-cycle education at LUSEM (pdf, 290 kB)

Apply to a doctoral programme

Are you interested in joining a doctoral programme at the School of Economics and Management? You apply via the department where you want to do your research. All vacant PhD positions are advertised via Lund University’s job portal.

Application and admission

Financing your doctoral studies

At the School of Economics and Management there are two different ways of financing your studies: employment as a doctoral student, or external funding. External funding may consist of employment outside the university or a scholarship from an external source. It is important to recognise that the different types of funding give you different levels of social security. Upon admission, funding must be secured for the entire duration of the programme and must be at least half-time.

The doctoral degree conferment ceremony

The doctoral degree conferment ceremony takes place at the end of May and is the biggest event of the academic year. During the ceremony, the University rewards those who have completed a doctoral programme and defended a doctoral thesis. At the promotion ceremony, the insignia of learning are awarded: the hat or laurel wreath, the ring and the diploma.

On the same occasion, the University also honours outstanding researchers from other universities and individuals by awarding them honorary doctorates. As a tribute to previous generations, those who received their doctoral degree 50 years ago are also promoted to jubilee doctors.

The doctoral degree conferment ceremony –