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Researchers affiliated with the Centre

Centre for Economic Demography

The Centre for Economic Demography (CED) includes numerous researchers and scholars active who are involved in research on economic and social issues connected to demography, from modern as well as historic aspects and with international comparative perspectives. They come from a wide range of research fields such as economic history, economics, social sciences, and medicine, both from Lund Universty and based at other universities and organizations.

Centre for Economic Demography, Management


Martin Dribe Professor

Affiliated Researchers

Each name is linked to the research profile of the correspondent researcher (Lund University or external web site).

Bengtsson Tommy ProfessorEconomic History
Berger Thor Ph.D.Economic History
Bergh Andreas Associate professorEconomics
Bietenbeck Jan Senior lecturerEconomics
Björk Jonas ProfessorLaboratory Medicine/
Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Brea Martinez Gabriel Ph.D.Economic History
Castenbrandt Helene Associate professorEconomic History
Cilliers Jeanne Ph.D.Economic History
Dalman (previous van Dongen) Elien Ph.D.Sociology
Dribe Martin ProfessorEconomic History
Edling Christofer ProfessorSociology
Ejermo Olof ProfessorEconomic History
Eklund Lisa Associate professorSociology
Elwert Annika Associate senior lecturerSociology
Eriksson Björn Ph.D.Economic History
Fischer Thomas Ph.D.Economics
Gerdtham Ulf ProfessorHealth Economics
Hansson Åsa Associate professorEconomics
Heckley Gawain Assistant professorHealth Economics
Hedefalk Finn Associate professorEconomic History
Helgertz Jonas ProfessorEconomic History
Karlsson Omar Ph.D.Economic History
Karlsson Tobias Associate professorEconomic History
Kruse Agneta Senior lecturerEconomics
Lazuka Volha Ph.D.Economic History
Lindström Martin ProfessorClinical Sciences/
Social Medicine and Health Policy
Lundborg Petter ProfessorEconomics
Majlesi Kaveh Associate professorEconomics
Malein Viktor Ph.D.Economic history
Markus Philipp Visiting researcherEconomics
Mewes Jan Associate professorSociology
Molin Elin Ph.DEconomics
Nilsson Anton Ph.DEnvironmental Epidemiology
Nilsson Therese ProfessorEconomics
Nordin Martin Associate professorEconomics
Ohlsson Henrik Ph.D.Clinical Sciences/
Family Medicine, Psychiatric Epidemiology and Migration
Olsson Mats ProfessorEconomic History
Palacio Andrés Senior lecturerEconomic History
Perrin Faustine Senior lecturerEconomic History
Persson Inga Professor emeritaEconomics
Quaranta Luciana Associate professorEconomic History
Rodriguez-Gonzalez Ana Associate senior lecturerEconomics
Saha Sanjib Associate researcherHealth Economics
Sandberg Johan Associate professorSociology
Scott Kirk ProfessorEconomic History
Stanfors Maria ProfessorEconomic History
Swader Christopher Associate professorSociology
Tegunimataka Anna Senior lecturerEconomic History
Thiemann Petra Associate senior lecturerEconomics
van Dijk Ingrid Associate senior lecturerEconomic History

Each name is linked to the research profile of the correspondent researcher (Lund University or external web site).

Archila MariaHuman Geography
Barraclough IsaEconomic History
Bergvall MartinEconomic History
Castillo MarcosEconomic History
Cormack LouiseEconomic History
de Arriba Moreno FátimaEconomic History
de Souza Maia ViniciusEconomic History
Irmert NatalieEconomics
Kallós AnnaSociology
Linder AnnaHealth Economics
Lindéus MariaClinical Epidemiology
Lissdaniels JohannesClinical Sciences
Liuyan ShiEconomic History
Lundstedt JonasEconomics
Mattisson LinnEconomics
Morgado Azevedo Hugo Economics
Zalfou RamiEconomic History

Each name is linked to the research profile of the correspondent researcher (Lund University or external web site).

Amilon Anna  Associate professorSFI, Denmark
Aradhya Siddartha Ph.D.Stockholm University
Birgier Debora Ph.D.Gothenburg University
Boldis Vivien Ph.D. studentStockholm University
Broström Göran  Professor emeritusUmeå University
Collins Matthew Ph.D.University of Galway
Dekthyar Serhiy Ph.D.Karolinska Institutet Stockholm
Gagnon Alain  Associate professorUniversity of Montreal, Canada
Hacker J David Associate professorMinnesota University, USA
Karlsson Martin ProfessorUniversity of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Klinthäll Martin Associate professorLinköping University
Lundh Christer ProfessorGothenburg University
Qi Haodong (Andy Kin) Ph.D.Malmö University
Molitoris Joseph Ph.D.UN Population Division, NY 
Nystedt Paul  ProfessorJönköping University
Rooth Dan-Olof ProfessorSOFI, Stockholm University
Saarela Jan ProfessorÅbo Akademi University, Finland
Scalone Francesco  ProfessorUniversity of Bologna, Italy
Svensson Patrick ProfessorSLU Uppsala
Van de Putte Bart  Associate professorGhent University, Belgium
Önnerfors Martin Ph.D.Stockholm University
Villefrance Perner Mads Ph.D. studentSaxo Institute, Denmark
Willführ Kai Ph.D.Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Germany

Recent and upcoming publications affiliated with the centre in the Research portal

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The Persistence of the Economic Power of Elites, Expansion of Education and Industrial TransitionMalein, V., 2024 May 3,...
Comorbidities in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a sibling studyBoldis, B. V., Grünberger, I., Cederström, A., Bjö...
Childhood Neighborhoods and Life-Time Fertility in Twentieth-Century Southern Sweden: A k-Nearest Neighbor ApproachSouza...
Changes in educational inequalities in knee and hip osteoarthritis surgery and non-surgery specialist care visits over t...
Ombytta roller: Marknadsliberaler och statsaktivister 1939Translated title of the contribution: Reversed roles: Market l...

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