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Winner of European Entrepreneurship Education Award 2024

Professor Francisco Liñán, University of Seville, Spain

The Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship is thrilled to announce Professor Francisco Liñán from the University of Seville, Spain, as the winner of the European Entrepreneurship Education Award (EEEA) for the year 2024.

The EEEA award is presented annually by the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship to recognise individuals or organiations that have made significant contributions to the enhancement of entrepreneurship education within the academic sphere across Europe. The award includes the honour and a diploma, along with a monetary prize of 100,000 SEK, underscoring the value and impact of the recipient's contributions to the field.

European Entrepreneurship Education Award

The award committee's citation

”Professor Francisco Liñán, University of Seville, Spain, is a widely recognised expert in the field of entrepreneurship education who has dedicated his career to advancing the field. His extensive body of work encompasses various aspects of entrepreneurship education, including stimulating entrepreneurial intentions through education. Liñán’s scholarly work has proven invaluable tools for researchers and educators, enabling them to understand better the complex factors shaping entrepreneurial behaviour. Moreover, these measures have been crucial in designing and implementing effective entrepreneurship education programs and interventions. 

In addition to his research contributions, Liñán has played a pivotal role in advancing entrepreneurship education through his involvement in the editorial team for Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy (EE&P). Furthermore, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership and organisational skills as a coordinator in the ESU network. His active participation has significantly shaped the discourse and dissemination of knowledge in the field, benefiting entrepreneurship educators and educational institutions across Europe. Based on his contributions to the field of entrepreneurship education, Francisco Liñán is a worthy recipient of the 2024 European Entrepreneurship Education Award.”

European Entrepreneurship Education Award 2024 Ceremony 

The EEEA award ceremony for 2024 will be held in conjunction with the 3E conference, organised by the ECSB, which is set to take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from May 15–17, 2024. The 3E conference is an annual gathering that attracts 100–120 researchers and educators in entrepreneurship education from throughout Europe, providing an ideal platform to celebrate the achievements of the EEEA award winner.

We warmly invite you to join us at the 3E conference for the EEEA 2024 prize ceremony to honour the accomplishments of Professor Francisco Liñán and to participate in enriching discussions on entrepreneurship education and learning.

Read more about the 3E conference –

The EEEA Committee

Professor Diamanto Politis
Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Professor Mats Westerberg
Luleå University of Technology

Professor Karen Williams Middleton
Chalmers University of Technology

Professor Roger Sørheim
Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU

Professor Ulla Hytti
University of Turku