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What kind of help can you get from Career Services?

Career Services serve students who are interested in learning about working life, discussing career alternatives, finding interesting jobs and internships, or other career-related matters.

Hear from students what kind of help they got from Career Services: 

Portrait of August Hedenstierna Jonson
August Hedenstierna Jonson

August Hedenstierna Jonson, Bachelor in Economy and Society.

What are you up to at the moment?
I'm preparing for further studies but also looking for some sort of summer job. Alternatively, if I find something really exciting job-wise that doesn't involve further studies, that would be fun too. But the plan is to continue my education.

Why were you at the Career Services drop-in today?
Because I had a couple of things I wanted help with. I wanted to have my LinkedIn profile checked, I wanted a personal letter proofread, and we were supposed to review my CV, but we didn't get to that.


Portrait of Anna Holm
Anna Holm

Anna Holm, Master in European and International Trade and Tax Law

What kind of help did you get from Career Services?
It’s for several reasons. First and foremost, I come from a political science background and have a master's in political science as well. Because of this, I don’t really know what kind of career opportunities there are within trade law, like which doors are now opened to me because of this program. Secondly, I just wanted to discuss how to think regarding my career and get some help looking over my CV and such things.

Why should students seek help from Career Services?
Partly because it’s so convenient and  I got a meeting very quickly. It can also give you some comfort. Either if you’re feeling very confused about all of it and don’t know what to do or how to do it, or if you have very specific questions. I could send my CV and cover letter to Career Services after our meeting and I got really good comments on it which was helpful. 

Portrait of Tereza Holšánová
Tereza Holšánová

Tereza Holšánová, Master in International Marketing and Brand Management

What kind of help did you get from Career Services drop-in?
So she scanned my CV and LinkedIn and gave me some recommendations because she said it was good, but that I should put some more information on what my achievements were in the jobs I listed, or what my favorite course is at the University. And I got some help with job applications as well, and what I should focus on more specifically if I apply for a certain job. Especially if it's something special I should focus on here in Sweden, if the HR companies are looking for anything I don’t know about.