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Time has come to move on – some notes on the impact of the Sustainable Future Hub

ett fotomotage på ett löv som växer fram ur en glödlampa med en hög mynt vi sidan
Sustainable Future Hub has advanced the position of the School in terms of sustainable development, and created opportunities for collaborations that will continue even after the project's completion.

The collaboration hub, Sustainable Future Hub, was initiated by the School of Economics and Management in 2019. The goal of the project has been to drive sustainable transformation through collaboration of external actors, researchers, teachers, and students. Sustainable Future Hub has advanced the position of the School in terms of sustainable development, and created opportunities for collaborations that will continue even after the project's completion.

Win-win through collaboration

Sustainable Future Hub has initiated activities and collaborations to promote sustainable transformation, where close cooperation with external actors and co-creation has created valuable contexts for all parties involved. Two successful projects are Sustainable Future Hub's Think Tank, where 23 handpicked students from 6 faculties came together across nations and disciplines to solve challenges from external organisations, and the Change Maker Future Track, where students gained practical experience with wicked problems in sustainability. Over the years, Sustainable Future Hub has also actively worked on integrating sustainability into existing educational programs through inspiration, strategy, and operational activities focused on sustainability in collaboration with external actors.

Some of the project’s successes in numbers

  • Engaged external actors:
    100 individuals from 70 different organisations have personally engaged in transformation projects that have spanned over a relatively long period of time. Several have been involved in more than one activity.
  • Engaged students:
    150 selected students. Several have been involved in more than one activity. The students represent all faculties of Lund University, and the majority are international. In addition, thousands of students have collectively participated in the various events that have been organised.
  • Engaged researchers/teachers, or areas where Sustainable Future Hub has contributed to the development of their educational or research field: 50, including researchers from other faculties at Lund University.
  • 17 newsletters for Sustainable Future Hub with 1000 subscribers, the majority being external actors.
  • 9 digital events on the theme "How to be a Change Maker," which collectively garnered 11,000 views on the School’s YouTube channel.
  • Generated an additional 1.2 million SEK in funding, of which 600,000 SEK was allocated for the development of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).
  • Impact within Lund University, including an inspirational presentation at Lund University's quality conference to discuss the Change Maker Future Track and an article in Lund University's sustainability report for 2021 written by the Sustainability Forum.
  • External publicity for the project
    • Hundreds of shares of articles and information about the project by external actors, students, researchers/teachers on LinkedIn.
    • Change Maker Future Track in Dagens Industri on February 8, 2022, as an example of how the School promotes sustainable development in an interview with Dean Mats Benner.

Words from the Project Manager Martina Oxling

A special and heartfelt thanks to the amazing individuals with whom we have collaborated during this journey. To our external partners, students, researchers, and teachers – your commitment and participation have been invaluable. Together, we have made significant contributions to the sustainable transformation. It is through your efforts and collaboration that we have been able to make a real difference.

We would also like to express our appreciation to the generous donors, the Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn, owners of Sparbanken Skåne, who have made this project possible.

Although the Sustainable Future Hub is now concluding, the work for sustainable transformation will continue through collaboration in various constellations. We particularly want to mention Sparbanken Skåne's Center for Sustainable Business Development (SSCEN) at the School of Economics and Management and LTH as an excellent arena for collaboration between academia and external actors.

Some words from our generous donor

"Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn is investing in a sustainable future. By collaborating with academia and other organizations we can increase the focus on sustainability issues. Sustainability work is about having a long-term approach to the world around us and a willingness to make a difference.
We are therefore very pleased that we had the opportunity to invest in the future through the Sustainable Future Hub. One example is the initiative Change Maker Future Track, which has been a perfect platform for providing students with the challenges of the business world and working together to solve some of both today and tomorrow's challenges." 

– Katarina Andrén, CEO of Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn, owner of Sparbanken Skåne.