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Alumnus Jakob Bratthall Tideman – now a Project and Engagement manager

Jakob is smiling at the camera.
Jakob Bratthall Tideman

Jakob has both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree from the Department of Informatics at Lund University. He finished his master's degree during the spring of 2018.

(The below interview is translated from Swedish).

Tell us about what you do today!
I currently work as a Project & Engagement Manager at Capgemini in Malmö. The role means that I am both responsible for the projects that we deliver to our clients, and also have an internal responsibility regarding how we analyse, develop and follow up on our existing and future projects.

What is the main reason you work with what you do? 
“The main reason why I work with what I do today is because I enjoy being involved in both business and in digital development and transformation. Working as a project manager requires an overall understanding of what the market demands and the industrial standards, but also an understanding of what technical aspects are required, and how to break down the work into manageable steps.“

How did the Department of Informatics and LUSEM prepare you for working life and a career in your field? 
“I have completed both the bachelor's and master's programme at the Department of Informatics, and I can say with all certainty that I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the design and scope of the programme. The common thread that you look for during your time as a student becomes very clear after a few years in your career. You can clearly see why certain elements were considered so important, and you begin to see relationships between areas you could not see before. The programme is thus an excellent springboard into working life, both in terms of building basic understanding, but also in terms of trend spotting and future digital innovations.“

What advice would you give yourself if you started your studies now? 
“I would say "trust the process and take in what is being said". Whilst getting top marks in exams may seem important, I would say it is equally important to absorb what is being taught, and apply it in a way that allows you to navigate your way to a future dream position in your career.“

Tell us about your expectations for the future. 
“The market is incredibly exciting right now, and the development is moving forward exponentially. My hope is that we will jump on the bandwagon in terms of new innovations and exciting solutions coming to the market, and implement them in our companies in a useful and beneficial manner. The future is bright!“

What do you prefer to do outside of work?  
“Outside of work I spend time with my amazing dogs, with friends and colleagues, or at Crossfit classes.“

Any hidden talent?
“I am an great musician, I play the saxophone, the piano, the electric guitar and the violin.“