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Meet alumna Sarah Kessler

Alumna Sarah Kessler on stage in front of people. Photo.

Straight after graduation from the master's programme in International Marketing and Brand Management, Sarah Kessler left Lund to start her new job at Google in Dublin. Now she is back in Lund again, working remotely in a new position as Account Director at LinkedIn. In our interview, Sarah will share insights into her career trajectory, her day-to-day work routine, and her passion for coaching and volunteering.

Hi Sarah! You graduated from LUSEM with a MSc in International Marketing and Brand Management in 2017, can you tell us a bit about what you have been up to since then?

Thanks! Straight after graduation, I joined Google in Dublin as Account Strategist, meaning I coached small to medium businesses on how to succeed with Google Ads for their Business to reach their desired audience.

During my time at Google, I also became a Salescoach helping others to grow. I was also taking part in hosting a bi-weekly News-series which was streamed via YouTube to the entire German Market.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint and I much rather enjoy focusing on the journey instead of just racing towards the destiny.

Two years in, I switched teams to work towards the Swedish Market for large customers. Mainly because my boyfriend who I had met in Lund continued living in Sweden and I wanted to test how I liked working with the Swedish market. After that I worked with the largest Retail clients in Sweden for some time.

In 2022, I switched to LinkedIn where I’m now the Lead for Manufacturing & Government clients. A part of my job is building myself a network within companies across their entire organization. I regularly coach members of the C-Suite on Thought Leadership and how to build their personal brand on LinkedIn, and being invited to do regular keynotes at scale, e.g. at a cinema in Oslo for 500 people in total. In addition, I volunteer by coaching both individuals and non-profit organizations on how to get started with LinkedIn and how to use it to succeed with their individual goals (finding a job in a country where 70%+ of jobs are given through connections, building their networks and positioning themselves).

How did you find your first job after graduation? And what challenges did you meet along the way?

During my bachelor studies, I applied to attend several multi-day company workshops offered to final-year students and got into several workshops, e.g. at McKinsey and Google. This was a great opportunity to getting to know more about their company culture. During the Google workshop, they also did interviews. However, I didn’t hear back for months from Google, and, in the meantime, moved to Lund for my masters and started looking for other opportunities. In winter 2016 in Lund, I suddenly got the call from Google that I was on to the last recruitment stage. Between exam preparations, I flew over to Dublin for the last interviews and got the offer in January 2017 – so half a year before the end of my Master. This put me into a great position as it allowed me to dedicate more time to the extracurricular activities I was doing: “Förman” at VG Metro Bar and at LundaEkonomerna student union as Sponsor Coordinator for Lund International Week whilst getting out the maximum of my last half year of student life in Lund.

Today, you work as Account Director Enterprise Nordics & Vertical Lead Manufacturing Government at LinkedIn. 
Tell us more about what your daily work routine looks like!

I have a book of clients who are from different industries, all from automotive to manufacturing up to government. During the week, I tend to have lots of client meetings – some in person, some digital or via phone. What I learned is that no matter who you interact with or what you’re trying to achieve, it’s the personal interaction and relationship building that makes the difference. LinkedIn might be a professional platform, considered by many for B2B Advertising purposes mainly. 

What I learned is that no matter who you interact with or what you’re trying to achieve, it’s the personal interaction and relationship building that makes the difference. 

But regardless of B2B or B2C I realized: it’s all about B2H – Business to Human and it’s the individual connection that matters. I do travel occasionally through the Nordics and am doing lots of scaled speaking events but am also in direct contact with very senior leaders regarding their businesses and strategy. What during study times was my extracurricular activity in form of nations or student associations is now my volunteer work that I do with organisations such as the ReDi School of Digital Integration or Interkultur Lund, where I focus on coaching and upskilling participants on how to use LinkedIn to their own advantage to grow their networks, position themselves as Thought Leaders or land their dream job.

What are the key take-aways from your studies at LUSEM that you found most useful when working for Google and now LinkedIn?

It’s all about the people. Regardless of where you are and what you want to achieve – you cannot do it alone and it’s not fun alone either. It’s a marathon, not a sprint and I much rather enjoy focusing on the journey instead of just racing towards the destiny.

What is the first thing you look at in a person’s LinkedIn profile?

Apart from obvious picture, background picture and summary, I look for “conversation starters” such as joint contacts, interesting things they posted recently or interests/extracurricular activity they’ve added.

What book are you currently reading?

Hunt, Gather, Parent – the only guide on parenting I’ve ever read and probably will ever read. A genius study on how indigenous cultures foster their children and succeed in creating happier, more self-sufficient children than any Western culture. A very warm recommendation to anyone being around children or having children themselves.

Alumna Sarah Kessler. Photo.

About Sarah


Current position: Account Director Enterprise Nordics & Vertical Lead Manufacturing Government, LinkedIn

Current location: Lund (remote, the Nordics LinkedIn office is in Stockholm)


Highest degree from LUSEM: MSc in International Marketing and Brand Management

Graduation year: 2017

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