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Alumnus Konstantinos Mertzianis – now a Customer First and Product Success Leader

Konstantinos is smiling at the camera
Konstantinos Mertzianis

In 2009, Konstantinos graduated with a master's degree in information systems from the Department of Informatics at Lund University. We interviewed him about his successes in the labour market.

Tell us about what you do today!
I work at Qlik, which is a software company specializing in business analytics products. My journey with Qlik started back in 2011 when I got a role as a Qlik App Developer. That journey has taken me through various roles and has led me to my current one - Customer First and Product Success Leader (EMEA). Being a Customer First Leader entails various responsibilities related to product expertise. One of those core responsibilities is that I get to lead techy expeditions on unraveling mysteries regarding product-related cases. Such cases require a leading attitude in collaborating and therefore communicating with Qlik R&D, Product Management, Product Support, and above all customers. Hence, If I could choose a couple of keywords/phrases that would summarise what I do today, those would be leadership, communication, product expertise, and above all a curious mindset with a doer approach.

What is the main reason you work with what you do? 
My constant need to satisfy my curiosity in combination with learning new things; things that are way beyond my comfort zone drove me to accept the role I have today and give it all I got. Apart from that, a compelling reason is that I get to be a leading individual for matters that bridge the outside world (customers, sales, partners, etc) to an R&D department of a Software company while belonging to R&D myself.

How did the Department of Informatics and LUSEM prepare you for working life and a career in your field? 
My MSc in Information Systems and LUSEM was what brought me into a "hands-on" contact with the realm of Business Intelligence via the Qlik Workshops that we had. That is one significant key take away but there is more to it. As I grew professionally, I gradually saw many interesting topics that I studied during my master's program surfacing and me getting "ah! I know that!" moments. Those moments, have helped me solve critical business problems and above all provided me with a good background so I can communicate those solutions efficiently.

What advice would you give yourself if you started your studies now? 
I would definitely challenge my educators more on the hot topics that are currently stressing the information science industry. Another advice I would give is to use your thesis work (mostly the interviews part) as an opportunity to advertise yourself to potential employers. Lastly a generic advice: collaborate more and communicate more.

Tell us about your expectations for the future. 
Whatever the future in our industry might bring, having a core foundation in how information is produced, perceived, and therefore exploited is key. Whether I expect a future packed with AI, Cloud techs you name it, my verdict will be that one can never stop learning - if one does, one shall get bored. Be flexible and always challenge yourself to learn things outside your comfort zone.

What do you prefer to do outside of work? 
Spend time with my family and my 6-year-old son. When I have free time from that, I enjoy baking, playing basketball, swimming, drawing, seeking out rare lambic bottles, and drinking good beers with friends.

Any hidden talent? 
I would say drawing is one of them.