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“Statistics is fun, challenging and offers great job opportunities after graduation!”

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At Lund University School of Economics and Management, there is an extensive range of courses in statistics. We talked with Albert Wendsjö, one of the School's statistics students!

Why should you study statistics here at LUSEM?
“Statistics is fun, challenging and offers great job opportunities after graduation! Overall, I think the Department of Statistics at LUSEM is excellent because they provide a wide range of interesting courses that complement each other, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. You have the opportunity to learn probability theory as well as statistical modelling and machine learning. These skills are very useful due to the rising demand for people that can analyse large datasets. Other than that, I would recommend anyone to study statistics at LUSEM since the teachers are great, they are competent and have been very supportive during my studies."

"I think everyone could benefit from taking a basic course in statistics, no matter if you dream of becoming a statistician or not. It can help you to critically examine some of the statistics we can read about in everyday life.”

The best thing about the subject?
“Statistics, to a great extent, revolves around problem-solving. To analyse a dataset, you have to first explore data properly in order to build valid models, and to draw valid conclusions, you also have to evaluate the model in a suitable way. This can sometimes be more of an art than a science. Furthermore, I like that statistics can be applied to so many different industries, for example, pharmaceutics and insurance. This is something that I find exciting as I am finishing my studies and have started looking for career opportunities.”

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What is the smartest combination with other subjects?
“One of the best things about statistics is that it can be applied to a wide range of disciplines. Therefore, it can be a great complement to many other subjects, such as Political Science and Economics to name a few. For me, it has also been helpful to take courses in mathematics and mathematical statistics to further deepen my knowledge.”

What is your future dream work?
“Statistician! No, but really, I would be happy as long as I am in a position where I get to analyse data for a good cause, no matter if the title is Data Scientist, Data Analyst or Statistician. I would also be interested in getting involved in research.”