Students with disabilities

For students at lusem who require talking books or other adapted literature

Reading and writing support

Do you have dyslexia, vision impairment or other reading difficulties? If so, you can get help at the library with obtaining adapted course texts, such as talking books. Contact librarians Hanna Flood or Lars-Olof Ivarsson at, if you need help with adapted course literature.

Download talking books

Search for and download talking books in Legimus, the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media's (MTM) catalogue. The library can provide you with a log in account.

Legimus, MTM's catalogue

TorTalk - a text-to-speech software

TorTalk is a text-to-speech software, which you can install on your own computer. With TorTalk, you can listen to digital text and to e-books and articles. You can select the reading speed and choose among 20 languages and 60 voices.

Download TorTalk

Guide about talking books and reading support

In this guide, you will find information about reading support, how you can download and listen to talking books, and also information about reading software.

The Talking Books Guide

More help?

If you have a disability, for example dyslexia, a visual impairment or ADHD, Lund University can provide you with support during your studies.

Information for students with disabilities at Lund University

Software on the library computers

The library computers are equipped with the following support software:

  • Stava Rex (spell check program, Swedish)
  • Spell Right (spell check program, English) 
  • TorTalk (text-to-speech software)
  • EasyReader (reading software for talking books, also with voice synthesis)

Contact for students with disabilities

If you have any questions or want to book a meeting, contact LUSEM Library at:

Last published: 2022-05-03