Dissertations and research publications

Each year a large number of works are published at Lund University; such as dissertations, books, journal articles, working papers and conference abstracts.

Pile of dissertations written at LUSEM. Photo.

Where do I search for research publications?

Dissertations and research publications (including journal articles, conference abstracts and books) written by researchers at Lund University are collected in the Research Portal. Where possible, the option to download a full text document is available.

In the Research Portal you can also find information about the researchers, about projects and about the departments at Lund University.

If you want to find the same type of material published at other Swedish higher education institutions, go to SwePub.


More than 20 dissertations are published every year at LUSEM. They are collected in our Book Collection.

You can search for dissertations, written at LUSEM and at Lund University, in the library catalogue LUBcat, LUBsearch or in the Research Portal.