Change Maker Future Track

This extra-curricular track equips handpicked students with a strong interest in sustainability issues and an entrepreneurial mindset with the tools to be the leaders of sustainable transition. The training is based on the challenges of external stakeholders, while having support from coaches within the trade and the university.

About the Change Maker Future Track

LUSEM is well known for its focus on sustainability, combined with strategic focus on developing ‘reflective practitioners’ with the skill sets required for taking on globally responsible management positions. The work on sustainability and global responsibility is a substantial part of LUSEM’s ‘triple crown’ accreditation. The Change Maker Future Track fits right in as an extra-curricular track running over 30 weeks parallel to master studies where graduating students will receive a diploma.   

Our experienced and well-renowned faculty member Stein Kleppestø will run the Change Maker Future Track, which is initiated by the School’s Sustainable Future Hub. 

Being a change maker for a sustainable future requires the ability to grasp complexity and uncertainty. Moving from an unsustainable to a sustainable world is as all about finding solutions to wicked problems. In our program we aim to develop our students’ maturity and change maker skills by working on very challenging, real life needs for change.
- Stein Kleppestø

Read more about Stein Kleppestø’s research

Challenge owners 2021/2022

Many interesting companies and ventures reached out to be our very first Challenge owners, we can proudly say that the 2021/2022 Change Makers will have challenges from Sony, Barnfonden and Lunds Kommun.

The four parts of Change Maker Future Track 


Of the 70 master students who applied, 18 students were hand picked and are now preparing to be cutting edge sustainability leaders. The students come from six different master programmes and many nationalities. Every one of them are entreprenurial minded individuals who want to take charge in the sustainable transformation.  

The application process for the school year 22/23 will open in April 2022.   

Challenge owner  

The basic idea is to learn by doing, which is why we need to present the students with real life challenges of import to your business. 

The Change Maker Future Track program is one of several initiatives within the School of Economics and Lund University's sustainability work. The program aims to develop participating students' ability to drive and support complex change processes. 

Does your organization have sustainability-related challenges they could consider delegating to our students?  We take on challenges that are something:  

  • you would have worked on yourself if you had the resources for it, a real project with quite a high priority  
  • where you think a group of 5-7 ambitious students can contribute meaningfully to  
  • you are willing to put some resources into by for example appointing an internal owner and contact person  
  • that is open to some experimentation and letting the students work quite freely within your set framework and ongoing follow-up  

The students start the project in September, and end their engagement in March. The students will have the support of Stein Kleppestø both before and during the project work.   

Contact Martina Oxling for more information.  


We need committed external coaches for the students during the challenges, this could be for you if you have experience in driving change processes and sustainable development.

The students work hands-on in groups during the challenges. The challenges takes place between September 2021 - March 2022 and the role as a coach include about 3-4 days of work over that period.   

As a coach, you will also be invited to inspirational events and webinars, study visits and other exciting opportunities.  

Coaches 21/22

We are grateful to be able to offer our students such a wide selection of coaches from Kärhs, IKEA, SoPact, Accelerace, Oatly, Tetra Pak, PhD Copenhagen Business School, Bilburry, Verify agency of Sweden, Nordea. Thank you all for your dedication and believing in change.


Contact Martina Oxling for more information.  


We believe that inspiration and sharing ideas plays a big part in change. 

That's why we invite guest speakers on the theme "How to be a change maker", where they speak about their exciting work to drive sustainable development.

We also invite researchers to comment from their perspective, and act as debaters with the guests. These types of events will be hybrids where selected people will be there live, and it will also be streamed for anyone to take part online.   

We also look forward to start Study visits when restrictions allow and other inspiring things (we warmly welcome tips and ideas) will also be arranged for the participants.  

Contact Martina Oxling for more information.  


Thank you!

The Change Maker Future Track is partly funded by an endowment from Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn, owner of Sparbanken Skåne.


Martina Oxling 
Project manager
Phone: +46 70 914 88 68

Martina Oxling

How to be a Change Maker talks

Inspiration is one of the four building stones that make up the Change Maker Future Track. 

Check out our coming events:

6/10 at 9.00 How to do business that impact the world with Rebecka Carlsson

19/10 at 9.00 Oatly's John Schoolcraft on fearless leadership

Last published: 2021-10-08