Career and leadership inspiration through the LUSEM Mentorship Programme

Published: 2022-06-10

The LUSEM Mentorship Programme was concluded recently with mingling and valuable experience exchanges, between student mentees and alumni mentors.

Mentors and mentees mingling during their final event in the programme.

The programme offers LUSEM students and professionals the opportunity to exchange valuable experiences and ideas. Students thrive and get inspired by their mentors, through guidance and practical insight into the career world. Mentors get the opportunity to reflect on their career journey and see things from a different perspective, as well as help shape the growth and confidence of students during this process.

”We have seen an increased demand from students for ways to interact with professionals, especially during the pandemic. Our students are career-oriented and this is a way for them to get knowledge to bring into the future, and tools to use in finding their career paths, and broadening their network, at the same time! It has been fantastic to see the engagement from the students, as well as the mentors’ willingness to share!” says Stina Vikingson, Careers coordinator at Lund University School of Economics and Management.


“The Mentorship Programme provides both mentor and mentee the opportunity to not only inspire and challenge each other, but also contribute to successful training as well as personal development by thinking outside of their own comfort zone and keep a fit mind,” says Sara Sari, Alumni coordinator at Lund University School of Economics and Management.

Johan Thellmark, CEO of Golfstore Group about his experience as a mentor:

“As a first-time mentor, I entered the programme with little or no expectations. Already after the first meeting with my mentee Sanne, I realised the importance and benefits from the opportunity to meet with a person in her situation. As a Master’s student, she is full of theoretical knowledge and enthusiasm, and very curious about how it works in ’real life’.

As a mentor, I had the opportunity to talk about my journey, mistakes and successes, which turned out to be very rewarding. It gave me time to reflect on my own career, and for her, some insight into how hers can turn out and a glimpse into how her knowledge from university can be applied in the job market. I can highly recommend the mentorship programme and hope I will have the chance to participate in it again.”

The Mentorship Programme at LUSEM builds on the idea that it is a win-win situation in terms of networking, awareness and fulfilment in a learning environment. To connect two engaged and curious minds is to allow the opportunity of reverse mentoring, leadership development and improved personal and career development.

Johan Thellmark with his mentee, Sanne Feitsma, on their last luncheon.

Sanne Feitsma, master's student in Managing People, Knowledge & Change, about her experience:

”My experience has been incredibly valuable. A feeling of trust, openness, and honesty resulted in very long and deep conversations. From micro-management, self-identification, employee engagement, and intercultural communication to leadership styles, we could talk about anything! After all the mentor sessions with Johan, one thing which struck the most are the difficulties and challenges a CEO faces on the work floor. For example, the challenge of enabling a transparent and inclusive workforce while not being able to share everything (also personally) as a CEO.

The conversations gave me valuable insights and the realisation that even though you are at the top level within an organisation, it is still very important and needed to have always someone to talk to in order to reflect on yourself. I learned that regardless of my age, gender and background, I could provide this self-reflection to Johan. As I felt trusted, seen, heard, and understood, I felt comfortable challenging Johan and asking any kinds of questions. This made me feel more self-confident and left me with a feeling of being equivalent. I am forever grateful for this mentorship programme.”

"The mentorship programme has been super important and an amazing opportunity for two groups that rarely meet, to share and learn from each other. It was great to see how both mentees and mentors opened up to each other and challenged each others thoughts and reflections. Some students have already landed their dream jobs with the help of their mentors and some gained valuable lessons that they will benefit from during their career journey. It was very interesting to hear about their experiences!" says Alice Serenhov, coordinator for the LUSEM Mentorship Programme of 2021/2022.

New round of mentors and mentees in the autumn semester 2022

The Mentorship Programme is already in the works to start again in the autumn semester of 2022 with new ambitious and eager mentors and mentees from our master programmes. It will run from October to May. A few mentors have already expressed their interest in the programme, but we are still looking for more mentors to help shape and inspire the fast-track career of the students.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Alumni Coordinator Sara Sari if you or someone you know is interested in participating as a mentor. The mentee application will open after summer, stay tuned for more information.


Sara Sari

Alumni coordinator, Dean's Office, LUSEM
Phone: +46 46 222 06 02, +46 73 807 15 23