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Professional skills development workshop

LUSEM Career Services offers a skills development programme - hear from two students who participated in the workshop.

In order to deal with our increasingly complex environment and drive sustainable change we need to develop professional skills that will enable us to connect to ourselves and others. 

LUSEM Career Services offers a skills development programme, consisting of two collaborative workshops focusing on inner transformation and how that can impact your future career. Students participation have engaged in dynamic discussions, shared experiences and gain insights from diverse perspectives. 

Hear from two of the students that participated in the workshop in March 2024.


Portrait of Pontus Hällgren
Pontus Hällgren


Name: Pontus Hällgren
Current studies: MSc in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development

What was the one key aspect that you benefited mostly from your participation in the Professional skills development for a sustainable future programme?
There were many aspects I benefitted from. But if I had to choose one particular aspect, it would be the reminder that in order to truly change an outcome, we need to turn inwards and address the problem at its very core. When identifying the sustainability challenges that we face today, we tend to fall short in the formulation of the problem statement. Too often we focus on the symptoms of these challenges – such as biodiversity loss or climate change – without looking into their underlying causes. The workshop reminded me of the importance of looking inward and identifying the anthropogenic features that have led to these problems. Human behavior is the root of the problem, but it is simultaneously the solution. By looking inwards, we are better able to understand the sustainability challenges and thus better equipped to tackle them.

What was your overall impression of the skills development programme?
I really enjoyed the skills development programme. It served as a crucial reminder of what qualities are needed for tackling sustainability challenges in the most efficient way possible. We have undoubtedly accumulated an abundance of knowledge around issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and other social injustices. But this abundance of knowledge is of little use if we are not able to foster the human qualities needed to overcome the aforementioned challenges. I learned the importance of presence, connectedness, and co-creation. Perhaps more importantly, I learned to critically examine my own integrity and authenticity when navigating this increasingly complex environment.


Portrait of Sofia Da Rocha Ferreira
Sofia Da Rocha Ferreira

Name: Sofia Da Rocha Ferreira
Current studies: BSc in Economy and Society

What was the one key aspect that you benefited mostly from your participation in the skills development programme?
What I benefitted from most was learning about the Inner Development Goals (IDG) as I had never heard of them before. Most people know about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but I believe that a lot of people can also benefit from learning about the IDGs as it is really important to be open-minded and show more empathy towards others because you never know what someone may be going through. I also became more aware of the fact that most of the time someone might find themselves in a similar situation to you meaning that it is important to speak up about certain topics even if it feels challenging at first, you end up feeling better and less alone afterwards.

What was your overall impression of the skills development programme?
My overall impression was that it was a well-organised and well thought out workshop. Pernilla did a great job at teaching us not only about the IDGs but to also make it a fun and interactive learning experience. I am confident that I will be able to apply these newly acquired skills both in my professional career as well as in my personal life.


Career Services will continue with the workshop series "Professional skills development for a sustainable future" stay tuned for upcoming events. 

You will find upcoming events on Canvas. Students at LUSEM have exclusive access to our Canvas page, where we offer career tools, support and guides for you to prepare for the professional life. On Canvas you can also find jobads with our partner companies and up-to-date information about the Career Services activities at the School. 

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