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Stiftelsen för främjande av ekonomisk forskning vid Lunds universitet


The purpose of the foundation is to promote such economic research at Lund University that is of interest to industry and trade. Therefore, the research shall be connected with any of the subjects of business administration, economics, business law and economic geography; in particular, research connected with subjects such as distribution, international markets, monetary policy and capital movement, transport, cost and revenue analysis, corporate administration, finance, budgeting, accounting and taxation. Applications for research involving conditions in Southern Sweden should be prioritised if applications are otherwise equivalent.

Grants from the foundation may concern salary or fees to researchers and their assistants, travelling for fieldwork, printing costs and other costs associated with certain research projects. Grants may also be awarded for contacts with other universities or institutions.

The application must include an account of whether the project has received or applied for grants from other funds, trusts or equivalent sources. If so, the name of this source must be noted, along with the received amount or the amount applied for. Applicants who have previously received grants from the foundation shall report how the grant has been used and how the research project has progressed.

Stipends and grants are usually announced twice a year, with application deadlines in April and October. The application form provided in the menu to the right is to be used.

Processing of personal data

The foundation processes your personal information in order to receive and assess your application and, upon approval, pay a scholarship. The foundation does not share your personal data with external parties other than those who process the applications and any subcontractors of administrative services. You have the right to access your information, to correct it or, in some cases, delete it. You also have the right to restrict or oppose certain processing of your personal data and to obtain a copy of your information. For more information or for ordering the foundation’s data protection policy, contact Kerstin Bengtsson.

How to apply

Application form (pdf, in Swedish)

Send your application, including the application form, to:

kerstin [dot] bengtsson [at] handelskammaren [dot] com


Stiftelsen för främjande av ekonomisk forskning vid Lunds universitet,
Sydsvenska Handelskammaren,
Skeppsbron 2,
211 20 Malmö



Kerstin Bengtsson
Managing director of the foundation
+ 46 40 690 24 00
kerstin [dot] bengtsson [at] handelskammaren [dot] com (kerstin.bengtsson@handelskammaren.)
kerstin [dot] bengtsson [at] handelskammaren [dot] com (com)