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Work environment & health at the Department of Informatics


An important task for Lund University is to create and maintain a good and safe work environment. Preventive work environment management leads to a work environment that benefits both you and your colleagues.

At the Department of Informatics it is important that we create and maintain a good and safe work environment.

The department works systematically, continuously, and preventively with work environment in accordance with the University's routines and guidelines of SAM (systematiskt arbetsmiljöarbete). The work is monitored annually and reported to the university, the faculty, and the department board during the March meeting, which focuses on work environment.

The head of department is responsible for the work environment and the work and activities regarding SAM at the department. The work environment group (Arbetsmiljögruppen) acts as his support and assistance in these issues. Remember that all employees are responsible for contributing to a good working environment.

You can find more information regarding work environment, safety, and health on the Staff pages at LUSEM and LU.

The work environment group

Work environment – LUSEM Staff pages

Work environment – LU Staff pages

Work environment policy for LU

The work environment policy for Lund University states:

Lund University’s vision is to be a world-class university that works to understand, explain and improve our world and the human condition. A prerequisite for a successful organisation is that it is characterised by a good work and study environment that is enriching, stimulating, safe and secure. Work environment management is to be preventative, based on the requirements of work environment legislation, and strive to continuously improve the work and study environment. 

All those working or studying at Lund University have a responsibility to contribute to a good work and study environment. Systematic work environment management is to be a cooperative activity shared by managers, staff and students. Respect and consideration are to apply in all relations, as is a joint assumption of responsibility for the University’s core values, tasks and aims. 

Within the University there is a zero-tolerance policy towards victimisation, harassment and sexual harassment.

The Work Environment Policy for Lund University (PDF, 504 kB)

Health and safety representatives

Your local health and safety representative is there to represent you as an employee and to take part in preventive work environment management in your workplace. If you notice shortcomings in your work environment, point them out to your manager and to your health and safety representative.

Department of Informatics Health and safety representatives:
Blerim Emruli 
Benjamin Weaver

LUSEM Principal health and safety representative:
Peter Gustafsson

Occupational health service at LU

You can turn to the Occupational Health Service (OHS) for work-related medical, psychological and ergonomic advice. Address your questions on work environment, rehabilitation and work-related illness to them. The Occupational Health Service promotes healthy, well-functioning and enjoyable workplaces and is at the disposal of employees.

It is important that you have a well-functioning and enjoyable workplace. Book an appointment with the occupational health service at LU and they can help you with adjusting your workplace (chair, desk, etc.) to fit your personal needs.

The Occupational Health Service at Lund University