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Intercultural Competence Initiative (ICI)

Intercultural competence has been identified as one of the key skills that students will need in the twenty-first century. The Intercultual Compeptence Initiaitve (ICI) is led jointly by representatives from various departments, the International Office and the Academic Skills Services (ASKS). The aim of this initiative is to increase the level of intercultural awareness and competence among our staff, both academic and administrative, and our students at every level.

Aim and Objectives

This initiative proposes key actions to be taken at LUSEM towards fulfilling the goal for an international, vibrant and equal-rights environment for all. Developed in reference to the International Council’s strategy, this initiative focuses on the mission to uplift the target groups and achieve the aim, as well as the short, medium and long-term objectives.

Target groups: students at all levels, teaching staff, administrative staff, management

Aim: To raise the level of intercultural awareness (IA) and intercultural competence (IC) among LUSEM students and staff, in order to foster inclusion and develop the core skills needed for an increasingly globalised world.

Short-term objectives (currently in progress):

  • Identify staff members with an interest in interculturality who would be willing to act as “champions” for this within the teaching community.
  • Increase the level of IA among undergraduate students.
  • Culturally prepare inbound and outbound exchange students.
  • Use the Intercultural Development Inventory to assess a sample of outbound exchnage students, both pre- and post-mobility.
  • Offer IC training for staff members.
  • Collaborate with student organisations on intercultural events at LUSEM.

Medium-term objectives (by summer 2024):

  • Increase the level of IA among postgraduate students.
  • Evaluate frameworks to assess any change in the level of IA of outbound students during their exchange semester.
  • Culturally prepare students going on internships.
  • Raise the profile of IC among the teaching staff and promote opportunities to have IC training.
  • Explore intercultural initiatives from other faculties at Lund University and other universities.

Long-term objectives (by summer 2027):

  • Increase the level of IA among non-teaching staff.
  • Broaden the intercultural perspective within the different programmes at LUSEM.
  • Provide forums for staff and students to meet and discuss issues related to their cultural background.


The European Association for International Education is a European centre for expertise, networking and the internationalisation of higher education.

See here for more details of the conferences that they organise.


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