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Working at the Department of Informatics


On this page you can find relevant information and practical matters that are useful as an employee at the department.



The department has two bicycles for employees to use (one lady's bicycle and one men's bicycle). You can book the bicycles in Teams. Go to the the channel General and the tab Bookings. Here you can add a calender event stating which bicycle you'd like to book with your name in the heading. For help with booking, please contact Carla Böhme.

You can find the bicycles in the storage room EC2-128 (entrance floor). 

The Department of Informatics - MS Teams


The caretakers at LUSEM delivers the post and can assist you if you move in or out of your office. You reach the caretakers by the by the general e-mail address: vaktmastare [at] ehl [dot] lu [dot] se (vaktmastare[at]ehl[dot]lu[dot]se).

Our caretakers

Copy machine, printers and scanner

You can find a combined copy machine, printer and scanner in the printer room (EC2-284). You can also find a smaller printer in room EC2-230. If you need assistance with replacing color cartridges or collector contact Carla Böhme.


For information regarding your employment, i.e. working hours, holidays, salary and payment, etc. visit the employment pages on LU Staff Pages.

If you change your address, please contact Carla Böhme.

Employment (Engelska)

Anställning (Svenska)

Environmentally friendly at work

In order for the university to do its part to reach the international and national environmental and climate objectives, an action plan has been drawn up. An important part of your work environment is to try to make it and the things you perform there as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. Read the web page on LUSEM Staff Pages for information on how to be environmentally friendly at work. 

Environmentally friendly at work


It is important that you have a well-functioning and enjoyable workplace. Book an appointment with the occupational health service at LU and they can help you to adjust your workplace (chair, desk, etc.) to fit your personal needs. You can find more information and broschures on the page Work environment and health.

The Occupational Health Service at LU

Work environment and health


Work-related expenses (travel, hotel stays, etc.), that have been approved by the Head of the Department, will be reimbursed. 

To get the reimbursment, you must provide information about the expense and upload your receipt in Primula ("My page" → "Travel/expenses"). Physical receipts should be scanned and attached to the case. Please keep the receipt until you have received your reimburtment. 

Log in to Primula


For gifts to guest lectures, guest researchers, or students, please contact Carla Böhme or Linda Öberg.


IT – computers and software

The computers and software is managed and supported by the LU service desk (or in some cases by the director of studies Björn Svensson). When it comes to the lecture halls at LU, it is always a good idea to check the technology in advance, before the lecture or event begins. 

If you need new hardware or software contact Björn Svensson

LU Service Desk

IT – support

Personal IT support and error management is handled by the staff at the University’s central IT office (LDC), and locally by Björn Svensson.

Lund University Central IT office

LU Servicedesk

For different questions regarding IT, you can contact LU Service Desk. You can reach them by e-mail servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se (servicedesk[at]lu[dot]se) or telephone 046-222 90 00.

LU Service Desk

Software information and IT support guides

You can find information on operational disturbances and support guides on LU Support website.

LU Support – IT support for staff

Material for writing and filing

In the postal room (EC2-239) you will find most material, but binders and index tabs are stored in room EC2-230. If you cannot find what you are looking for or if something has run out, contact Carla Böhme.

Orders in Lupin

If you need to order technology related to your work (hardware or software), contact Björn Svensson

For all other work-related orders, please use one of the below digital forms: 

English ordering form

Swedish ordering form


You can find parking outside of EC2 (Zone A). As an employee at the University, you can buy a parking permit. Contact Carla Böhme if you need assitance.

Buy your parking permit


In the postal room (EC2-293) you can find pigeonholes for incoming post to all employees.

Place outgoing post in the compartment marked “Utgående”. Use special brown envelopes for post within Lund University and regular white envelopes for other post (only use the new white envelopes that you find in the postal room since the postal stamps were updated 2020).


We consider sustainability and the environment. Recycling is part of this work.

Paper recycling

In all offices you can find bins for paper recycling. You empty the paper recycling bin yourself in the bigger paper recycling bin in the printing room (EC2-284).

Plastic, glass, metal, cardboard and recyclable bottles

You can find recycling bins for plastic, glass, metal, cardboard containers and recyclable bottles in the kitchen.

You can also find recycling bins for paper, cardboard cartons and plastic in the printing room (EC2-284).

Secure recycling bin

For correct disposal of documents containing sensitive or confidential information such as social security numbers, please use the secure recycling bin. The bin is located in the printing room (EC2-284). The secure recycling bin should specifically be used for the following types of documents:

  • Student's exams 
  • Reports, projects, assignments etc. handed in by students
  • Anything containing social security numbers or information that can be traced back to a person
  • Confidential information

Social activities

  • "Friday fika". Every Friday at 09:30, all employees at the department are welcome to have breakfast together in the kitchen.
  • At the end of Spring semester in the beginning of June we have lunch together.
  • In December we have a Christmast lunch together.
  • In August we have a kick-off conference to start the new academic year.
  • The week before midsummer in June LUSEM invites all staff to a summer lunch.


External: dial 0 to exit the line.
Internal: skip the first two twos, e.g. 280 20 for 046-222 80 20.
Switch: Internal 99, external 046-222 00 00.

In Salut you can look up numbers for employees at the university. This is also where you handle your voicemail, opening hours of your phone, etc. Salut requires log in (and VPN-connection if not on campus). The system is only available in Swedish. Contact Carla Böhme if you need assitance.


Log in to Salut

Templates – Word and PowerPoint

You can find templates for Word documents and PowerPoint presentations on the LUSEM Staff Pages. 

Word and PowerPoint templates

Travel bookings

Travel and hotel bookings are made through the Cytric self-booking system. 

Read more about booking business travel on the page Business travel. Contact Carla Böhme if you need assistance. 

Travel bookings