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Economics Works

Here you will find information specific for the Department of Economics. For more general information please visit the LUSEM Staff pages: 

LUSEM Staff pages


The board of the Department of Economics is responsible for outlining the guiding principles of the department, for seeing to that these guidelines are followed and for deciding on any other questions delegated to it.


for the term of office 2024-2026

  • Fredrik Andersson, Head of Department, Chairman
  • Fredrik NG Andersson, Associate Professor                                                           
  • Jan Bietenbeck, Senior Lecturer                                                                          
  • Åsa Hansson, Associate Professor 
  • Anders Vilhelmsson, Associate Professor                                                                
  • Joakim Westerlund, Professor
  • Marie Pihl, Study Administrator
  • Pelle Almgren, PhD Candidate
  • Student (Lundaekonomerna)


  • Thomas Fischer, Associate senior lecturer                                                             
  • Therese Nilsson, Professor
  • Maria Persson, Associate Professor                                                                 
  • Karin Bergman, Senior Lecturer                                                                        
  • Marcus Nordström, PhD Candidate
  • Student (Lundaekonomerna)

    Minutes and agendas from the board meetings can be found in LU-Box

Department leadership

fredrik [dot] andersson [at] nek [dot] lu [dot] se (Fredrik Andersson), Head of Department

Erik [dot] Wengstrom [at] nek [dot] lu [dot] se (Erik Wengström), Co-ordinator of Doctoral Studies

Pontus [dot] Hansson [at] nek [dot] lu [dot] se (Pontus Hansson,) Study Director

Anna [dot] Marciniak [at] nek [dot] lu [dot] se (Anna Marciniak), Head of administration

Work environment and health

It is important to create a good and safe work environment. Every faculty have their own representatives representing you as an employee and will participate in preventive measures taken concerning the work environment at your workplace.  

Work Environment Policy at LU

Fredrik Andersson, Responsible for work environment

fredrik [dot] andersson [at] nek [dot] lu [dot] se (fredrik[dot]andersson[at]nek[dot]lu[dot]se)
Phone: +46 72 209 55 40

Equality at work

Lund University does not accept any type of unfair treatment, harassment or victimisation within the organisation and there is zero tolerance of discrimination at the university. As an employee, if you are subjected to unwelcome behaviour, or if you witness what you perceive to be unwelcome behaviour, this page can help you with some advice and materials.

Gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity council at LUSEM

Equal Opportunities Plan for Lund University, 2022–2027

Anders Vilhelmsson, Ombudsman for issues of gender equality and equal treatment

anders [dot] vilhelmsson [at] nek [dot] lu [dot] se (anders[dot]vilhelmsson[at]nek[dot]lu[dot]se)
Phone: +46 46 222 46 48

Health and safety

The health and safety representatives are appointed to represent you as an employee and to take part in preventive work environment management in your workplace. Shortcomings in your work environment should aways be pointed out to your manager and your health and safety representative.

Health and safety at LUSEM

Maria Persson, Health and safety representative
Peter Schüller, Health and safety representative

Administration team availability 

Schedules for the admin team (in LU-box)

Note that the admin team is also available as usual during office hours through Zoom, Teams and phone.

Information about who to contact in specific areas

Admission, course registration, exam and results 

  • Basic and intermediate studies - Azra Padjan
  • Master courses - Ulf Persson
  • Distance courses - Peter Schüller
  • Student Essays - Peter Schüller
  • Master Programme coordinator - Ulf Persson
  • PhD coordinator -Ulf Persson
  • Schedules and room reservations - Marie Pihl


  • Travel reservations, hotels, restaurants, taxi etc. -  Alma Koenig
  • Reimbursements - Alma Koenig
  • Room reservations - Marie Pihl
  • Technical support - Peter Schüller
  • Calendar - Marie Pihl


  • Purchasing- office supplies, books etc - Alma Koenig     
  • Purchasing- technical equipment - Peter Schüller
  • Technical support - Peter Schüller
  • Lucat -  Alma Koenig
  • Registrars (W3D3) -  Alma Koenig
  • Archive - Azra Padjan
  • HR and financial administration - Jenny Lindström Wate
  • Finance, budget, prognoses - Anna Marciniak
  • Communication, web pages, social media LU-box and calendar - Marie Pihl
  • LUCRIS (research portal) - Marie Pihl

You can also send an e-mail to admin [at] nek [dot] lu [dot] se (admin[at]nek[dot]lu[dot]se)

Practical information

The staff at the Department of Economics can book some rooms in Alfa 1 and EC1 using this site:

Room booking / Boka och beställ lokaler

You log in with your Lucat-ID and will only see the premises you are allowed to book on the booking page

You can book the following rooms;

Seminar rooms: EC1:270, Alfa1:4013

Lounge: Alfa1:Lounge (Alfa1:4050A), EC1:Lounge (EC1:295)

Recording studio: Alfa1:Studio (Alfa1:4043)

Guest office room: Alfa1:4021, Alfa1:4036B

To see if the rooms are available, please check availability here:

Seminar rooms






Recording studio at Alfa

In Alfa1:4043  (Alfa1:Studio) you are able to record lectures - for technical assistant contact Peter Schüller

LUSEM's studios

LUSEM has a filmstudio in EC1, a Zoom-studio and a podcast room.

For more information, visit LUSEM Studio.

Need help with the booking procedure?
For help with booking seminar rooms or to book other venues, please contact marie [dot] pihl [at] nek [dot] lu [dot] se (Marie Pihl.)

Alma Koenig will help with reservations and travel arrangements for guests.  

Please inform Alma with the following information about your guest:

  • Contact information to guest
  • Arrival dates to Lund
  • Arrival date and time to the department
  • Desirable mode of transportation
  • Accommodation (hotel or more long-run)
  • The need of a guest room or office
  • Dinner and/or lunch

If your guest have other expenses during the visit in Lund, they can be reimbursed. Alma Koenig will inform the guest about the procedure.

For assistance with guest reservations please contact: 

Alma Koenig
alma [dot] koenig [at] nek [dot] lu [dot] se (alma[dot]koenig[at]nek[dot]lu[dot]se)
Phone: +46 46 222 46 50, +46 76 721 76 43
Room: EC1:282

Travel and hotel bookings are made through the Cytric self-booking system. 

Read more about booking business travel on the page Travel bookings. Contact Alma Koeing if you need assistance. 

Travel bookings

For assistance with travel bookings please contact: 

Alma Koenig

alma [dot] koenig [at] nek [dot] lu [dot] se (alma[dot]koenig[at]nek[dot]lu[dot]se)
Phone: +46 46 222 46 50, +46 76 721 76 43
Room: EC1:282

Technical equipment

The following equipment is available at the department:

  • Headsets
  • Cameras
  • Writing pads
  • Camera/microphone to record/live-stream classroom lectures

We have two camera/microphone kits that are available to book if you want to live-stream and/or record from a classroom.

The cameras and microphones are kept in room EC1:296 and all employees have access to the room.

Recording studio at Alfa

In Alfa1:4043  (Alfa1:NEK studio) you are able to record lectures. 

You can book the room through TimeEdit: Room booking / Boka och beställ lokaler

Department zoom account 

We have a department zoom account, which can be used for dissertations, seminars etc - for log in information go to LU-box

For assistance with technical equipment please contact:

Peter Schüller

peter [dot] schuller [at] nek [dot] lu [dot] se (peter[dot]schuller[at]nek[dot]lu[dot]se)
Phone: +46 46 222 36 08, +46 76 723 16 60
Room: EC1:287

IT support and error management is handled by the staff at the University’s central IT office:

Lund University Central IT office

LU Servicedesk

For different questions regarding IT, you can contact LU Service Desk. You can reach them by e-mail servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se (servicedesk[at]lu[dot]se) or telephone 046-222 90 00.

LU Service Desk


Employees are offered a variety of support throughout the stay at the university.  More information is available at LU Staff Pages ​​​​​​ and LUSEM Staff Pages


In Primula you can carry out many tasks relating to your employment, including applying for annual leave, viewing your salary statements, reporting secondary employment and submitting a declaration of illness.

For assistance in Primula please contact:

Jenny Lindström Wate
Financial administrator

jenny [dot] lindstrom_wate [at] nek [dot] lu [dot] se (jenny[dot]lindstrom_wate[at]nek[dot]lu[dot]se)
Phone: +46 46 222 86 57
Room: EC1:281


Lucat is the Lund University online staff directory, containing basic information about you as an employee, including title, telephone number, location, personal website, etc. The information in LUCAT is used in all areas and by a number of systems, for example the faculty and staff list. It is therefore important that the information in LUCAT is accurate and current. Log in to LUCAT

When you log into Lucat with your user name (Lucat ID), you will see your personal overview page. This page contains your personal details and position, which have been automatically transferred from Primula if you are an employee of Lund University. This information cannot be changed in Lucat.

You can add a description of your organisational role or describe your duties and responsibilities. You can also add or change your visiting address, phone number and visiting hours, if relevant. You can also add your personal website here.

For assistance with Lucat please contact: 

Alma Koenig

alma [dot] koenig [at] nek [dot] lu [dot] se (alma[dot]koenig[at]nek[dot]lu[dot]se)
Phone: +46 46 222 46 50, +46 76 721 76 43
Room: EC1:282

In case of emergency

In an emergency, always – call 112

Remember to dial 0-112 if you are calling via your office landline.

University security control centre – 20 700

The security control centre number is a 24-hour service.

When you call +46 46 222 07 00, you will reach a University security officer who can provide assistance in insecure situations, if you have been locked out or if you discover something that requires urgent action.


Contact for staff pages

Marie Pihl

marie [dot] pihl [at] nek [dot] lu [dot] se (marie[dot]pihl[at]nek[dot]lu[dot]se)
Phone: +46 46 222 95 46