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Environmentally friendly at work


As a university, regional operator and public authority, Lund University must conduct its activities in accordance with regional, national and global objectives. In order for the University to do its part to reach the international and national environmental and climate objectives, an action plan has been drawn up. An important part of your work environment is to try to make it and the things you perform there as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. This web page gives you some basic information and send you further to established information at Lund University. If we learn more and think before we act we can make a difference.



If you are planning and hosting an event, see to that the event gets as sutainable as possible. Sustainability Forum has a list where environmental and other sustainability requirements for meals and transports are described. Rules of conduct to follow when you order catering, arrange conferences and other events. 

List of requirements, Sustainability Forum (In Swedish).


Concerning our premises being an employee at Lund University we can make a difference. For example we can:

  • Reduce emissions of chemicals with an environmental or health impact and minimise the risk of chemical residues in wastewater.
  • Environmentally certify buildings in connection with constructions and renovations.
  • Try to optimise energy efficiency.
  • Increase the proportion of reused and eco-labelled furniture.

Purchasing and procurement, Fairtrade

Increase the proportion of framework agreements that include environmental considerations and enable follow-up of environmental requirements in procurements. Increase the proportion of ecolabelled products in Lupin and inform staff via training and other communication.

When you purchase materials, food, coffee etc, see to that the products that you are buying are fairtrade. Fairtrade is an independent certification with an explicit goal of counteracting poverty and strengthening people's influence and power of action with the aim of creating change and development.

Purchasing and procurement at Lund University

The EU Ecolabel Product Catalogue

Fairtrade Sweden 


We should try to re-use as much as possible at LUSEM, when it comes to for example furniture, equipment and materials. For example we can increase the proportion of reused and eco-labelled furniture. Fully functioning furniture is currently thrown away during relocations, when workplaces are upgraded for ergonomic reasons, or because the furniture is worn. With relatively simple means, the University can reduce the need to buy for example new

We should as much as possible try to avoid buying water and other drinks in plastic bottles but if we do we should always re-cycle the bottles. You can find a location to recycle plastic jugs and bottles at the waste collection centers at LUSEM. 

Learn more about waste and recycling at Lund University.


You should always consider travel-free alternatives. Before booking a trip, you must always assess whether the travel can be replaced by digital meetings. If travel is approved, consideration must be given to the work environment and environment, as well as to cost efficiency. Fossil-free modes of transport should always be the first option. 

For LUSEM staff: Business travel

Digital meetings alternatives at LUSEM

Learn more about business travel at Lund University


When you throw your carbage away please see to that you assort it in the right way. If you want to know more about how to assort your litter please look for the information at and by the waste collection centers at LUSEM.

Learn more about waste and recycling at Lund University.

Environmental action work at LU

The work with environmental actions is constantly ongoing at Lund University. A follow-up of the environmental targets and action plan will be conducted annually at a vice-chancellor’s management council meeting. The vice-chancellor’s management council is the forum for the management’s review of Lund University’s environmental work, in accordance with the vice-chancellor’s decision on 8 October 2015 (reg. no 2015/1404).

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