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Work environment

Incident reports

If something happens to you at work, this should always be reported. 

Information about reporting occupational injuries and workplace incidents is available at the LU Staff Pages.

Equipment and needs

If you are in need of, for example, glasses for computer work, an office chair or any ergonomic equipment, you can get help from the physiotherapists/ ergonomists at the Occupational Health Service at Lund University. The physiotherapists/ ergonomists can make an estimation of your needs, but when it comes to glasses, you must of course undertake an eye examination at an optician. Lund University has a government procurement agreement with the optician chain Synoptik. Usually it is the Head of department who undersigns the order form for the purchase of glasses, which should be completed before visiting the optician. 

Check out who is in charge of equipment ain your department or talk to our Human Resources staff.

To the order form and further information

Serious occupational injuries and serious incidents

You must immediately inform your manager if you have suffered an accident or serious incident that posed a threat to life or health, because this must be reported immediately to the Swedish Work Environment Authority. Such incidents could include fractures, severe bleeding, a state of shock following a threat, or a chemical spill.

Report a serious incident at Arbetsmiljöverkets and Försäkringskassans service "Anmäl arbetsskada" –

Send an under signed copy of the PDF-receipt to: Registrator, Hämtställes 62, Box 117, 221 00 Lund