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Research seminars at the Department of Informatics


Research related seminars are open to all staff members.

Formal Research Seminars

Story-telling – Interactive sessions where a researcher can get help to craft a manuscript for submission/re-submission to a journal or conference.

Research MasterClass – Gain proficiency in a range of topics such as a new methodology, developing one’s career, doing a revise and resubmit at a journal, among others.

Research Presentation – Research presentation where either a departmental or invited researcher will present a research project/program with the objective of both sharing new ideas and receiving feedback.

Informal Research Seminars

Research Reading Club – Research sessions where researchers can be informed about current trends in IS from papers published in top journals or conferences and discuss a particular topic read in those papers. Each session will be focused on a paper with a different theme such as theory, methodology, and different IS topics.

BrownBag – All researchers at the department will gather during lunch to raise an idea or opportunity for a research project, as well as discuss related research processes in progress.

Sci-Lounge – All researchers at the department will gather for sci-lounge to discuss a research idea or opportunity as well as share related research processes in progress. Each member of the department takes turns picking a spot where we gather and organising the event.

Writing Fridays – Gain proficiency in writing for publications by receiving and giving feedback on each other's writing. The activity will be divided into five sessions: introduction, related work, methodology, discussion and abstract.


Christina Keller
Professor and Director of third cycle studies


Miranda Kajtazi
Associate professor and event oragniser