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Email signature

Recommendations for email signatures

When you send an email as a Lund University employee, your association with the University should be clear – this is an important element of our public face. Below, you will find recommendations for how to compose your email signature, which you can copy and use as a template.

Your email signature provides the recipient with brief information on your function and your contact details. Avoid as far as possible using images or logotypes in your signature, as the way in which your correspondents can receive and view these images varies depending on their email program and settings.

Font: Arial normal (write your first name and surname in Arial bold)
Size: 10–11 points
Colour: Black

First name Surname 

Lund University School of Economics and Management
Postal address
Visiting address
Telephone (written +46 46 000 00 00)
Mobile (written +46 701 00 00 00)

If you have more information, for example a blog or facebook page, you can add it at the bottom of the text. Feel free to copy the template above, add your own details and convert into Arial font when you paste the text into your email program.

How to change your signature
How you enter your email signature varies from one email program to another. The most common procedure is to go in to Tools/File > Options > Email /Email format and find the button for signature. Another alternative, if you are using Outlook for Mac, for example, is that you open a new email and find the button for signatures at the top of the Tools menu. You then select Standard and change or paste in your signature in the column on the right. If you can’t find it, search for “Signatures” in the help function of your program.