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The Work environment group at the Department of Informatics


The work environment group assists and supports the head of department with SAM-related work and processes at the department. The group meets four times a year and when needed.

The group works preventively in the following areas:

  • Work environment
  • Discrimination
  • Gender equality
  • Equal opportunities


Nicklas Holmberg, Head of department (chair)
Linda Öberg, Coordinator and responsible for the administrative staff
Miranda Kajtazi, Equality representative 
Blerim Emruli, Health and safety representative
Benjamin Weaver, Health and safety representative
Student representative, from the student union LundaEkonomerna
External participants when needed


Safety inspection (skyddsrond)

The work environment needs to be reviewed regularly and a safety inspection is carried out annually, usually in the beginning of the year. Focus is both on the physical work environment and the organisational and social work environment. Part of the inspection, besides the work environment group, are the work environment coordinators at LUSEM and the director of studies. 

Organisational and social work environment survey (OSA-enkät)

Each year LUSEM sends a survey to all employees. The aim of the OSA survey is to obtain a picture of the workplace experience at the department and to form a basis for continued developmental work on the work environment. 

Risk assessments

A fundamental part of the preventive work environment activities is to examine the working conditions at the workplace to identify any risks of ill health or accidents.

The department regularly conducts risk assessments, which means that the work environment is examined and that physical, organizational and social sources of risk are identified and documented. A risk assessment is made at the department, when a project is initiated or before a change. The risk assessment is made in consultation with the health and safety representative and affected employees.

At the department we revise and update the following on a regular basis:

  • Risk assessment regarding the work environment
  • Risk assessment regarding discrimination and equal terms

The group also carries out risk assessments when incidents or changes occur, for example during the Corona pandemic.


Proposals or suggestions regarding the work environment can be sent to any member of the group.