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Graphic design and logotype

In the image bank, you can also find templates for more advanced print-outs created in Adobe InDesign. This program is not part of the standard selection on our computers. If you are making a booklet, a poster, or other more sophisticated print-outs, we recommend that you contact Media-Tryck.

Please contact LUSEM’s communications officers for advice and tips regarding your request. If we have time and opportunity, we can also provide hands-on assistance with your printing requests.

Pre-printed materials

Business cards, envelopes, stationery, correspondence cards, etc. can be ordered directly from Media-Tryck. For this type of materials, the LUSEM logo version shall be used.

Illustration style

As part of the University’s graphic profile, there is a cohesive style for illustrations, infographics and animations. The style is mainly intended for moving media, e.g. in campaign films or explainer videos, but can also be used in printed and digital material if photographic images are insufficient.

Learn more at LU Staff Pages

Our logotype

The Lund University logo is available in different versions. At LUSEM we have our own version in both English and Swedish, and this is essentially the one that all units within the faculty shall use. The logo is the ultimate conveyor of our visual identity and constitutes a fundamental part of our brand.

To alter or distort the logo, or reposition text so that it can be perceived as part of the logo, is prohibited. Note that developing your “own” logos for organisations within Lund University is also prohibited.

Download our logotype in the Lund University image and file bank

Joint profiling
In some cases, you may use the University’s logo together with other logos. Examples of this are collaboration partners and logos that indicate membership, certification and quality assurance, such as the EQUIS logo.

Guide lines and graphic manual

  • In LUSEM's own communication guide written by the communications team you can for example learn about logotype, graphic profile, tone of voice, key message, channels, film and audio and how to build a stronger brand. 

LUSEM's Communications guide (PDF, embedded at

  • In the graphic manual of Lund University you can learn about profile colours, fonts, how to use our logo, image manner and much more.   

Lund University graphic manual in Swedish (PDF, 19,5 MB, new window)

LUSEM Communications team

Do you have any questions about the photo that's uploaded in the image bank or do you lack a professional photo?

Contact us!

General inquires
info [at] ehl [dot] lu [dot] se (info[at]ehl[dot]lu[dot]se)

Head of the Communication division
Anna Löthman
anna [dot] lothman [at] ehl [dot] lu [dot] se

LUSEM Communications Officers

Printed material

We recommend that you use the Lund University printing office Media-Tryck to help you with the layout. Media-Tryck can produce and print your material at a low cost.

Lund University printing office
Phone +46 46 222 91 76
or +46 46 222 32 67
media-tryck [at] se [dot] lu [dot] se (media-tryck[at]se[dot]lu[dot]se)
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