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Travel bookings at the Department of Informatics


Travel and hotel bookings are made via the Cytric self-booking website.

You can find out more about travel bookings on LUSEM Staff Pages. For information about travel grants, please view the page Funding and grants.

Business travel

Funding and grants

Travel form

Regardless of if you are using the self-booking website or if you require assistance with booking a trip, you must fill out the travel booking form.

If booking through Cytric, the only information you have to provide is when the trip is taking place and the purpose of the trip. If you require assistance with booking, you must provide all necessary/relevant information needed for the department administrator to complete the booking on your behalf. 

English travel booking form

Swedish travel booking form

Using Cytric

For help with the self-booking website or entitlements in Lucat, contact Carla Böhme.

Booking for yourself

You can book a trip for yourself on the Cyric website. Log in with your Lucat-ID and book directly from your personal dashboard.

Before booking, make sure the trip has been approved by the Head of the Department. 

To book a trip for yourself, you need the entitlement Traveller or Travel Booker in Lucat. You can apply for the entitlements on "My page" → "My entitlements".

Log in to the Cytric website

Booking for a guest

You can book a trip for your guest on the Cyric website. From the home screen, select "Travel Arranger Dashboard" located in the upper right corner. Remove yourself as a traveller by pressing the "x" button next to your name and add your guest by selecting "Add travellers" → "Book for a guest". 

Before booking, make sure the trip has been approved by the Head of the Department. 

To book a trip for a guest you need the entitlement Travel Booker in Lucat. You can apply for the entitlement on "My page" → "My entitlements". 

Log in to the Cytric website

Reimbursement of travel expenses

When travelling on business both within and outside Sweden, you are entitled to reimbursement of your travel expenses and to receive subsistence allowance. You will receive your reimbursement by submitting the mandatory travel expense report form once your business trip has been completed. This is done in Primula Res.

Reimbursement of travel expenses, subsistence allowance and meal deductions

How to submit a travel expense report