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From one president to another at LundaEkonomerna

Photo of a woman and a man.

The one year presidency of Simon Anderberg draws to a close and on 16 July he hands over the president’s club to Tova Mark. We had an opportunity to meet up with them both in Skånis and of course we leapt at it.

Simon, how has the last year matched your expectations?

I’m not sure what I expected, but we are at a good place as an organisation. We did not have any radical changes planned, instead we have maintained our high levels despite some economic challenges, and also got to know the new management.

What are you most proud of?

I think as a board we have worked hard to create a welcoming atmosphere around Skånis and in doing so the board and the members have gotten closer knit. People hang out here more, have their lunch here, I am really happy about that.

And the biggest challenge?

Ah, that has been mainly on the personal side, getting to know more about how I work as a leader, working with and motivating our members who put in hours as volunteers. I took part in the Leadership Academy and that helped a lot, just discussing and listening in on other people’s perspectives.

Now, what lies ahead?

I will be doing my bachelor’s thesis, some data analytics and then an internship… but first summer. I plan on spending time on the west coast with my girlfriend and family and playing golf. Just generally taking it easy.

Tova, you are taking over soon, what got you into this?

Haha, I was on the student council in highschool so I kind of had a feeling I would be drawn to this. I have been an active member these past two years and in the election board I really got to see how the president works and I thought that could be for me, I want to do what they do.

How come you chose to be active in a student union rather than the nations?

I guess I liked that it relates to what I study and is more linked to professional experience what with our career days, networking with different companies and such. I was in a nation too and liked that as well, but this just suited me even better.

What do you like the most with LundaEkonomerna?

Where to start, when I first got into it we had around 25 projects going and they all seemed like a lot of fun. Through the election board I got to a little bit here and there and everywhere and I think I will get some of that with the presidency as well which is perfect.

What would be your main goals for the coming year?

I hope to develop as a leader and that we as a whole board will be happy with what we manage to achieve during this year. A big thing is the 30 year anniversary of Lundaekonomerna, so we have to make that memorable.

I start here full time in the middle of July, but before that some free time… yeah I got this European business law course I really want to do as well, so we will see about free time. 

Thankyou for your time and all the best to you both!