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Lifelong learning at LUSEM

Lifelong learning initiatives, or learning undertaken by professionals who return to academia, has surged over the last couple of years. It is much driven by the rapid digitalisation of organisations. Some lifelong learning activities are hence upskilling, while others may be more fundamental reskilling.

Whatever the reasons, and regardless of your goals, LUSEM offers both tailored and open courses as part of the lifelong learning activities.

Specialised and customised courses

Lund University Commissioned Education, LUCE provides courses and programmes for a fee to professionals in companies, governmental authorities and other organisations. Offered teaching is adapted to the needs and conditions of the participants.

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Open courses

Lund University offers a wide variety of open courses with application rounds 15 April and/or 15 October.

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Special courses for professionals autumn 2020

In addition to the above, LUSEM participates actively with open courses brought on by the covid-19 pandemic., starting 31 August or 2 November. Among these courses you will find:

  • Competitive intelligence and leadership
  • Digitalisation and AI
  • E-health and law

These open courses are taught in Swedish and English.

The courses will open for application on 15 July.

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Kristina Eneroth
Deputy dean, Associate professor
Phone: +46 46 222 44 49

Last published: 2020-07-10