Study places and study environments

In our buildings, there are a total of over a thousand study places combined. More study places will be added as the LUSEM Learning Hub is expanding.

Our campus

The Holger Crafoord Centre consists of three buildings called EC1, EC2 and EC3. In addition, we have premises in the neighboring properties of Alfa 1 and Alfa 2, as well as the LUSEM Learning Hub in Alfa 5. It is these properties and premises that is our campus.

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Computer rooms

Alfa 1 building, basement: 100 seats with 64 computers, and two smaller rooms with 22 seats and 17 seats respectively.

Group rooms

The group rooms cannot be booked.

  • Alfa 1 building, basement: Six rooms with 18 seats in total.
  • EC1 building, the Library: 1 room with 3 seats.
  • EC2 building, basement: Seven rooms with 70 seats in total.
  • EC2 building, floor 1: Four rooms with 79 seats in total. 
  • LUSEM Learning Hub: Nine rooms with 46 seats in total.

Open environment

  • Alfa 1 building, basement and floor 1: 208 seats
  • EC1 building, the Library: 132 seats
  • EC1 building, ljusgården (the Atrium): 30 seats
  • EC2 building, basement: 54 seats
  • EC2 building, ljusgården (the Atrium) in: 12 seats
  • EC3 building, floor 1, Cafe Holger: 160 seats
  • LUSEM Learning Hub: 172 seats

Quiet reading places

  • EC1 building, the Library: 46 seats
  • Alfa 1 building, basement: 24 seats

External facilities

Sometimes we teach or do exams in other buildings of Lund University than our own here at LUSEM.

Below you'll find a list of the most common external classrooms and exam rooms as well as their visiting addresses.

Classrooms (external)

MHA: Mattehuset, auditorium A, Sölvegatan 18.

MHB: Mattehuset, auditorium B, Sölvegatan 18.

Kårhör: Kårhuset, auditorium, John Ericssons väg 3.

Kårgasque: Kårhuset’s gasque room, John Ericssons väg 3.

Kåraula: Kårhuset’s auditorium, John Ericssons väg 3.

MA: Annex, auditorium, Sölvegatan 20.

Paln and Palö: Palaestra auditorium lower and upper, Universitetsplatsen, Paradisgatan 4.

Genaula: Genetikhuset’s auditorium, Sölvegatan 29.

Exam rooms (external)

MA: Matematicum’s annex, Sölvegatan 18-20, first floor.

MHA/MHB: Matematicum’s annex, auditorium A or B, Sölvegatan 18.

Gasque: Kårhuset’s gasque room, John Ericssons väg 3, basement floor.

Eden: Paradisgatan 5 (the building behind “Gamla kirurgen”).

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Last published: 2019-09-03