Coaching is a powerful tool to help you move from thought to action. Your coach will guide you towards your goals and help you identify your driving force and find your own solutions. Coaching helps you discover your full potential and the necessary steps to reach your targets.

When and why do I need coaching?

  • When you are facing changing circumstances
  • When you need help to select and prioritize
  • When you want to learn how to set and reach your goals
  • To make your studies run smoother
  • To lessen the mental strain
  • To achieve a better balance between your studies and your leisure time

What can I expect from coaching?

All our coaches are certified and comply with the ethical guidelines of ICF, such as professional secrecy. Everything that is said between you and your coach is confidential and will stay in the room.

You and your coach will agree on the goals for the session. You analyze the present and set up your dream scenario. What are your chances of reaching your goals, and what are the obstacles? What will be your next step?

You are the one who must take the steps towards realization of the plans you draw up with your coach. It is your ideas and thoughts that are brought forward and discussed during the talks. The role of the coach is to put the right questions to you, questions that create thought processes which lead to new ideas and approaches. Your coach is your sounding board.

Do you want to know more?

Contact your student advisor or the Career Services at the School!

Last published: 2018-11-27